7 Amazing Healing Garden Ideas


Homiful.com -- Healing garden is a garden designed to improve mental and physical health, especially to reduce stress, calm the mind and complement emotional health. The healing garden is designed to facilitate interaction with nature healing elements, such as fresh air, greenery and soothing waters. By interacting with nature's elements, it is expected to create better emotional health. 

We believe that every of us need a healing garden. It can be the best place to escape from negative factors such as urban noise, smoke, or stress that arises from the heavy busy works. Designing a healing garden can be done in easy ways. Just provide adequate open space, even a small open space is okay. Then, you can fill it with some elements of a healing garden. 

For more detail, keep reading for 7 Amazing Healing Garden Ideas.


1. Plant your favorite plants


Greenery is something that you must present in your healing garden. Choose the kind of plants that you like, it will make you more excited in caring for them. You can also choose the low-maintenance plants such as cacti, aglaonema, and golden pothos. Bringing beautiful flower to the garden is also a nice thing to do because the flowers can stimulate mood and positive energy. 

2. Provide a seat


Healing garden is deliberately designed so that you can enjoy the elements of nature in a relaxed and comfortable manner. For that, make sure to put the garden chairs, bench or mat. The existence of a seat allows you to unwind while enjoying the freshness of the garden. 

3. Invite Beautiful Visitors


You can also plant types of plants or flowers that contain nectar to invite butterflies to come to the garden. For example, daisies, day lilies, hibiscus and sunflowers. Even if you want it, you can make a bird house so that the bird will stop by and live in your garden.

4. Create an interesting focal point


In addition to greenery, flowers, and garden benches, present also a focal point in your healing garden. Focal points can be used to support its function as a place of relaxation or meditation. The types can vary, you can choose special plants, natural rocks, or water fountains. Our best option is a mini water fountain like the one above. The clarity of water and the sound of falling water can provide a beautiful and soothing garden atmosphere.

5. Add pleasure with color creatively

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Healing  garden can be realized in the form of a dry garden, like the picture above. To make it look attractive, the garden floor is made using ceramics tiles with dense geometric patterns. Tile color choices are used perfectly. The blue color that meets the floor will make the garden more pleasant to look at.

6. Space to move


The function of healing garden is to invite people to move in the garden. Therefore, there is a need for wiggle room such as open space or footpaths. Even if you make a small healing garden, make sure your garden has enough space to move around.

7. Do your healing activities in this garden


Make the healing garden as an open space that really makes you healthier, both soul and body. Your healing garden can be used as a space for meditation or doing yoga. Just  put a grass carpet and a mat to do yoga in your healing garden. The fresh air surely will purify the mind and soul.


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