6 Top Ideas Tiny Kitchen

6 Top Ideas Tiny Kitchen 

Homiful.com -- Land limitations for small kitchen design is very common in many minimalist homeowners or residents of 1-bedroom apartment with a small area. In order to get a comfortable small kitchen design, you need to pay attention to the decorations and the selection of the right and appropriate kitchen table model. Well, you can model some top small kitchen ideas below that can change the kitchen space more beautiful and neat.

Kitchen design of hallway shape


Very tiny size in a minimalist kitchen, shades of gray looks complete. Limited land with consideration kitchen cabinet complete selected kitchen table and sink area are different. Beautiful lighting also illuminates the kitchen area are different. Beautiful lighting also illuminates the kitchen area without making the space narrower.

Kitchen design with dining area


As your minimalist apartment kitchen solution, you can make one functioning room well. Combining the dining room together in this kitchen can minimize you space. In addition, the selection of kitchen table L-shaped was chosen to adjust the kitchen space that is in the corner. Give it a rustic or semi-vintage decorative touch that makes the kitchen interior more attractive.

Kitchen letter-U Scandinavian


Take advantage of the kitchenette by designing a U-shape for the efficiency and effectiveness of cooking activities. Model U on the kitchen table in gorgeous design by utilizing more more space to prepare food dishes and more. Be sure to provide relief in the kitchen room with the maximum window for the intensity of direct sunlight.

Kitchen island space-saving solution


If you have a kitchen that is large enough, this kitchen model island kitchen you can choose to maximize the storage space and comfortable cooking activities. Kitchen cabinets are selected in a beautiful blue and white color to make the room look cleaner. You can add a little beautiful decoration such as hanging lamp industrial model for a small kitchen that looks modern.

Simple tiny kitchen stylish


Cool little kitchen will make the owner feel at home and have fun activities. Kitchen island for kitchen table form multiplex material and Duco paint layer cabinets is used to give a luxurious touch. Although minimalist and tiny, clean white interior makes the owner more eager to do activities.

Geometric patterns backsplash a gorgeous kitchen


To make your kitchen space more charming, the following small kitchen shape hallway you can try to apply at home. A touch of geometric blue backsplash adds more modern kitchen space element, such as the use of a cooker hood. Without forgetting the natural lighting, position the kitchen window around the stove and sink to carry out comfortable activities.

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