6 Modern and Fresh Interior With Shades of Gray

6 Modern and Fresh Interior With Shades of Gray

Homiful.com -- Interior options with a gray color will give birth to a very different impression of space. Far from being gloomy, the use of a gray interior will give a very elegant impression. Although the color of gray is classified as a neutral color, kitchen with a fair amount of blend. To combine other colors to get a calm and soothing appearance of space. What kind of gray interior can you try to apply to the interior at home? Let's follow the interesting reviews below!

Home door element

If you are one of the homeowners who always want totality in displaying quality and modern home design, the front area such as the facade can certainly be tried. As this area of the house before entering the interior of the house. Shades of Gray are applied to the use of large-sized greenhouse door frames as access. A natural feel will be emitted easily to bring out the elegant gray color.

Attractive living room

Present a relaxing impression for the semi-formal living room at home by pairing a modern gray color. Create a warm impression and fresher can be combined cushion random motifs of light color. Show a beautiful modern impression by putting rustic elements or fresh and soothing ornamental plants. 

Household components

To repel away the scary impression in the stairwell area of the house, this time the gray element with a thick color becomes a slick combination with white shades. Floral patterned stair railings give the impression of harmony for a beautiful and modern gray interior.

Kitchen area with light color accents

Although the gray color for the interior of the house can display a modern and fresh impression, other powerful ways you can use light accents such as hidden lamp under the kitchen cabinet. A complete gray color choice in each kitchen cabinet gives a touch of light blue color on the backsplash to look attractive with small geometric motifs.

Dining room furniture

A touch of gray can be applied to dining room furniture that adds a warm, elegant, modern impression and fresh look. You can apply other concepts that area attractive with 3D wall foam that arises and looks prominent. Present the impression of industrialist with hanging lamps dim flame to gather with beloved family.

Gray color with tropical pattern

You can drive away the impression of gray on gray by presenting floral motifs in the use of bed linen or others elements. To align the look, you can have a gray color and combine light color such as cushions or complete furniture in the bedroom.

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