6+ Best Landscape Ideas with Rock Stone

6+ Best Landscape Ideas with Rock Stone

Homiful.com -- In the world of architecture, landscape have a very high aesthetic value. Moreover, the landscape design is identical to the complex-style open space as well as a blend of natural elements such as water, soil, air stones, animals, plants and also humans. Not only as an industry, landscape design is very functional for its role in saving the environment. Especially if you create a landscape on a city house. For those of you who plan to create a landscape around the house, some landscape design with coral stones, you can see the description below!

The side garden of the house is a mix of coral stone and ornamental grass


This spacious 2 x 4 m side landscape design will help refresh the house. Make use of coral stones as a cover of the land, you can combine it with ornamental grass to add beautiful visuals. In addition, make steeping stone for footing without having to touch ornamental grass as permeation.

Fill the land with black coral stones


Many option to create beautiful landscape at home. One such as beautiful, elegant landscape design using black coral stones as a cover of the land. The combination of fresh ornamental plants in the wall side area can be a mini garden concept that is suitable if you make a minimalist gazebo with a fresh open concept.

Landscape with fishpond


Have a small land in the house can be used to make a beautiful landscape with the addition of a fishpond like this. Land covered with coral stone looks aesthetic with exposed cement walls and glass barriers. Landscape design like this would be suitable is made a fresh open concept with a beautiful feel.

Landscape in the middle of the house with walkways


So that the remaining land at home can be well utilized for greening, making a landscape like this indispensable. Besides helping the breathing room for the house, for the owner of a fresh atmosphere like this can be felt after a day. The combination of expose concrete walkways as well as coral stones was chosen to produce a beautifully organized and open landscape design.

Landscape with dry garden concept


The use of coral stones as a cover of the land is not only to add beautiful visuals, but the natural stones material itself that can absorb water because it has large pores, so it is appropriate to design the landscape of dry garden concept at home. Use outdoor dry plants such as cacti, this area will be beautiful and romantic to have dinner with your husband.

Coral stone for the back garden of the house


Making healing space at home is quite easy to do alone. You only need to prepare one plot of land size 2 x 2 m that is open airy. Make a dry garden condo with coral stone land cover and plant ornamental plant or tress that can grow so that the atmosphere is cooler and shady.

Landscape with coral stones in front of the house


Create a minimalist landscape in front of the house to create a fresh, beautiful impression. You can choose an aesthetic white coral stones with a combination of ornamental plants on the edge of the house with an elongated model of exposed cement pots. Cover other land with ornamental plants that grow large in the soil such as coconut or palm to provide positive energy of the house more radiating.

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