Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

 Homiful.com - Having small bedroom can indeed a problem. But, don't worry, you can use decorating tricks to make your small bedroom seeing bigger. Here, there are several tricks Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger and feel spacious. In this decorating tricks, you just need little creativity to make this tricks succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Let's check it out!

Make your Bedroom with Light Palette or Same Color

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Light color is always had effect that can make the room look bigger than genuine space. For wall color, you can mix white color and pastel or another light color that have soft color. Moreover, the elements that use in the bedroom, is also adjusting to the wall color that have light color. 

Get Bedroom with Vertical Space

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If you have a lot of stuff, and have a small bedroom, you can make decorating tricks with create vertical space in the bedroom. This vertical space very useful for your stuff and make the bedroom neater. It also affects your bedroom look bigger than before and more spaciousness.

Don't Miss the Hang Mirror

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Bedroom will not complete when the mirror is not here. However, you can hang the mirror for small bedroom. It makes more efficient because you unnecessary to look for mirror place that can make the small bedroom narrower. Moreover, the mirror create the bedroom look bigger, that have caused by the bounce light effect.

Keep Bedroom Furniture in Scale

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The next ways to decorating tricks for small bedroom to look bigger are, you must keep furniture in scale for your bedroom. For the example, if you have small bedroom, you have to place single size bed better than king-size bed. If you place a king-size bed in your bedroom, it makes the room narrower. So, it's pretend with another furniture like table or wardrobe, etc. 

Using Furniture that Have Legs

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Using furniture that have legs in the bedroom is also make fool eyes affect. The effect caused by legs from the furniture, make bedroom seeing bigger because spaciousness influence. But, not every piece of furniture needs to be legged. More floor and space that showed, more look bigger for your bedroom. 

Make the Window Match with Wall

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If you have a window in your bedroom, you can match it with your bedroom wall. Match, this is mean same color. The bedroom wall has white color, so the window and curtain have white color too. This is to make your bedroom look bigger than before. And if the natural light from outside go into inside the bedroom through the window, this is created your bedroom more spaciousness. 

There are the tricks Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger. How about the tricks above?

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