Top 7 Plants To Beautify Your Terrace Garden -- Putting a variety of plants on the terrace can beautify the look as well as provide a refreshing home atmosphere. In addition, the presence of ornamental plants on the terrace will make a comfortable impression for residents and guest who come to visit.

There are various type of plants that you can choose from. Well, here will share the "Top 7 plants to beautify your terrace garden" that you can use as a reference!

Beautiful cactus plant


For ornamental plan enthusiasts, cactus can be the best collection that can make your terrace look more beautiful. The treatment of cactus is also vey easy, cacti like dry and non-humid conditions. Cactus has a variety of shapes, so you can choose according to you needs.

Beautiful Ficus lyrata plant


Ficus lyrata plants have a small-tree shape with wide leaves that are suitable to be placed on your terrace. Especially for those of you who do not have enough space, this plant can grow up to 3 meters. You can put this plant in a shady place, avoiding direct sunlight.

Gorgeous terrace with Monstera plants


Mosntera is one of the plants that is popular because of its unique shape. Monstera has a wide leaf, with a tear motif in the middle that makes it look more attractive. The older the plant, the darker the color of the leaves.

Beautiful terrace with Chinese evergreen


Chinese evergreen is an ornamental plant that grows well in tropics. This plant is also great demand because in of its easy maintenance. Plants also have many types with a variety of leaf colors that will beautify the look of your minimalist home terrace.

Beautiful terrace with Calathea lutea


The shape of Calathea lutea is at first glance similar to a banana tree. Because of its beautiful shape, many people make this plant to make the terrace feel cooler and beautiful. The characteristic of the wide leaf shape with a bright green color makes it much loved by plant lovers.

Interesting Alocasia plant


Some ornamental plants with beautiful leaves become very popular among the community. Alocasia plants display leaves with a stunning shape that can be the center of attention for guest who come to visit at home.

Exotic coleus greedy plant 


Coleus greedy plants have a red leaf color that will give an exotic look on you terrace. The shape of the leaves with green accents on the edges gives an interesting impression. This plant also has a very easy treatment.

That's top 7 plant to beautify your terrace garden that you can use as inspiration. Which of the tp beautiful plants do you like the most?

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