The 7 Best Instagram Accounts for Boho Lovers - Bohemian style or Bohemian decor or often short call with Boho style is decoration that have mixed vintage and shabby chic concept.  This style often look unique, eccentric, and demand by many people because make simple decoration for interior but stay elegant and modern. 

Using colors and texture make this style have natural accent but stay relaxed and cheerful. You can make your Instagram with Boho style content for a beautiful content and reach more insight and follower. So, here The 7 Best Instagram Accounts for Boho Lovers that you can see. Check it out!

Boho Rooftop for Relax and Party with Friends

By : Instagram/wohn_firlefanz

Your space rooftop can make and decoration with Boho style. Adding sofa to have sat and mini table, this rooftop appropriate to have party with friends or meeting and enjoying place. Using transparent roof make this rooftop have natural sunlight and brighter. Moreover, with this decoration you can take some photo to upload in Instagram accounts. 

Boho Style in the Dining Room

By : Instagram/scandi_uk

The next Boho style that best for Instagram accounts is dining room. Furniture that dominant with light color and combined with wooden element, gives the best natural impression. Unique chandelier make this dining room looks beautiful and suitable for take some photo. You can add hang mirror to make this room look bigger.


Cheerful and Warm Living Room with Family

By : Instagram/wearethejellys

Have Bohemian style in this living room, make warm shades and cheerful. Single sofa that placed in corner, can use for reading area have supported with wide window that make more natural sunlight in this area. Long sofa can use for sit together make this room have more vibrant. Nice setup in this living room, suitable for Instagram accounts for Boho Lovers.

Aesthetic Bedroom with Boho Style

By : Instagram/scandi_uk

Using Bohemian style make this bedroom looks aesthetic and beautiful. Using patch shelf and unique hang mirror on the bed, make this bedroom look bigger. You can add poster to make this room more cheerful and add plants or flower to have fresh this bedroom. With nice setup, this bedroom ready to take some photo to upload in Instagram account for Boho Lovers.

Make Boho Style at the Little Office in Your Home

By : Instagram/scandi_uk

Current condition make you work from home. To have productive work, you can make your little office to decoration with Bohemian style. Using the corner for this little office, you can add mirror to make this area look bigger. Gives some green plants or flower to make little office feel fresh. With nice setup, your little office ready to make you be productive for work. And don't forget, you can upload some photo from this area in Instagram accounts for a beautiful content.

Boho Style in Corner

By : Instagram/frau_sternensilber

Although corner have tight area and rarely noticed, you can make decoration for your corner with Bohemian style. With refrigerator placement in the corner and sofa for the next, this setup make the corner area look bigger. Wide window that behind sofa make room to have more natural sunlight. So that make reduce usage lamp. To have this nice setup, you can take some photo to upload in your Instagram accounts for Boho Lovers.

Make Boho Style in Living Room for Guest

By : Instagram/bohofurniture

Look stylish and elegant, this living room have Bohemian style for the concept decoration. Nice setup and gives some unique elements, make this room look natural and vintage. This living room suitable to take some photo with the atmosphere and impression that seeing. Furry carpet that have in this living room make this room looks cute.

There are The 7 Best Instagram Accounts for Boho Lovers that you can applicated. Are you have some favorite from above?

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