Monstera Varieties : 7 The Most Popular Monstera Varietes

Monstera Varieties : 7 The Most Popular Monstera Varietes -- The more days, Monstera ornamental plants are increasingly rising so that is has a high selling price. Nevertheless, for lovers of ornamental plants, it is a problem. They are willing to pay anything to have Monstera plants. Well, what the hell is the reason people area bothering this Monstera plant?

The main reason is that Monstera plants have their own uniqueness located of the leaves. Therefore, it is no wonder that Monstera is used as a good ornametnal plant to fill the interior with the house. Before you decide yo but monstera, it's good to think firts what kind of Monstera is suitable for decorating the interior of the room in the house. Let's check out the reviews about Monstera types below!

Monstera Deliciosa


Is the most common type of Monstera Plant. The surface of the leaves are perforated and fingered at the periphery. Monstera Deliciosa has a large leaf size and almost resembles the shape of the day is one of the characteristics of this ornamental plant. Can be beautiful decorations to fill the interior with the room. Temperature 20-30 degrees Celsius.

Monstera Adansonii


Not the same of the type of Monstera deicios, the hole in the leaves of Monstera Adansonii is only on the middle surface only. So, the shape of the leaves do not tear and from the fingers on the edges. The size also includes charming to be decorated. Besides being unique, this plant is also very suitable to be used as a hanging plant that dangles and grows vines.

Monstera Borsigiana 


If you are a lover of Monstera ornamental plants that are not too big, then this type of Monstera Borsigiana can be the choice. Leaf shape and surface model is very similar to Monstera Deliciosa, but this plant has a smaller leaf size and holes area not far away, so it seems simple.

Monstera Obliqua


Its existence if quite rare, making this Monstera Obliqua ornamental plant difficult to find. The characteristic of this plant is to have a small leaf size with a large hole motif perceived. The leaves of Monstera Obliqua are also thinner when compared to others. Because of its small size, you can put this Monstera plant on the work desk or living room. Keep away from objects or items that can tear the leaves.

Monstera Variegata


One type of Monstera that is rarely found in the market. If there is, this plant has a more expensive price compared to other types of Monstera. Monstera Variegata looks unique with leaves consisting of irregular yellowish green and white colors and not the same between leaves and the other. The size is quite small compared to Monstera deliciosa. It could be beacause this plant has a high price.

Monstera Dubia


A very different of Monstera from other types. This Monstera dubia has leaves that are full like plants in general and do not perforate. Smaller size with the shape of mother's leaves and narrowed at one end. Although not perforated, this plant remain unique because the leaf bones are clearly visible on the surface to create a natural and beautiful motif.

Mosntera siltepecana


Mosntera plant species that area almost similar to Monstera Dubia. Only if the leaves of monstera dubia have a round and narrow shape, the leaf shape of this monstera dubia have a round and narrow shape, the leaf shape of this monstera siltepecana is more elongated so that is resembles oval and narrow ends. Often referred to as silver Monstera because the middle part is perfect for filling your living room in the house.

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