Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

Landscaping Ideas For Your Home -- Landscape is an important part of home design. Besides being able to provide a unique look. Landscape are one way to turn visible ground features into interesting element. Helping the beauty of nature to the residence, you can also feel the heat that slightly dampens with the presence of this landscape. There are many ideas for creating landscapes and places to fit anywhere, you can check out landscape ideas below!

Natural plant


As a way to create a modern but natural landscape, you can cover the land using artificial grass. But not with the plants, various types of ornamental plants you can plant in the middle of the landscape to get fresh air throughout the day.

The side area of the house


If you often leave the side of the house without design or other functional, this landscape could be the solution. Although with a small size and display, a variety of fresh air carrier plants such as Sansevieria you can plant here. Complete with exterior lights as night lighting to be more aesthetic.

Front if the house


The most appropriate way to set the landscape in the house is in front of the house. You can more freely change the landscape, home with the concept of a minimalist garden. Not only with ornamental plants, natural stone accents as a path you can use. Change the barrier wall and decorate it with vertical garden to dampen the excess heat.

Beautiful and shady


The landscape area that is still in front of the house feel beautiful and shooting. Large mango tress are planted to give a cool impression during the day. The land is covered with ornamental grass, you can create a small irrigation channel so that when it rains water can be flowed into the garden of this house.

Behind the house 


In addition to the front of the house, the back of the house usually also leaves a large enough land to be a refreshing landscape. You can create the concept of a dry garden with natural stone that follows the shape of the house and has a barrier. Other areas are still with ornamental grass as a cover of the land and as a water catchment.

Join the pool


So that the functional large land in the house can be maximized properly. You can add water elements to your complete home. The swimming pool at the end with empty ornamental grass is planted into a catchment area and beautiful visuals. Make a shelter area like a gazebo for a complete and comfortable landscape design.

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