Decorative and Functional Room Partition Ideas -- Open-plan design is now widely applied, especially to minimalist houses. Usually the room is build without a sturdy wall, but it doesn't mean completely eliminates the barrier between the room. Generally, open space bring together two spaces with different functions in one room, for example combining the dining and living room. That's where partition are needed. Partitioning are used to add convenience and privacy between the two rooms. Partition ideas can be created in a variety of styles. So that the room feels more private and still looks stylish. 

If you're in need of partition ideas, check out the following review below!

The wall with an open cabinet

Solid walls can still be used as partitions or room seals. Instead of full walls, you can create wall seals that cover only part of the room. In the wall area can be made a built-in cabinet to make it more functional. This cabinet can be used to put artifacts and some room decorations.

Stylish Display Shelf

Separate two spaces with a stylish partition. You can choose a cabinet design that comes with a closed rack and display rack. This cabinet is also equipped with a unique and beautiful wall cladding. Your space will look so beautiful than before.

 A large open cabinet

Need something colorful in your space? Pick this kind of partitions to brighten up the room. This partition is in the form of an open cabinet. You can place some decorations or your things in order, even its long base can be used to put the TV set on it.

Wooden Partition Design

It doesn't matter if the dining and living room are close together. In order to provide comfort in both spaces, vertical partition can be installed between the two room. Choose a minimalist partition/screen design in brown color to add color to the living room with this Scandinavian style.

A Small Screen with Some Displays

If your room is fairly narrow and elongated, use a minimalist-sized screen like the one above. The screen shape is equipped with a space box that can be used to display ornaments in this brown and white living room. 

An Elegant Grey Open Shelf

Open shelves are indeed the easiest and cheapest partitioning idea to get. You can choose an open shelf with a gray color to make the room look more elegant. Try also to choose an open shelf with a tiered display section, so that you can put the decoration of the room more dynamically.

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