Brilliant Blue and Grey Color Schemes for Every Design Style

Brilliant Blue and Grey Color Schemes for Every Design Style -- Nothing ever goes wrong if you mix  blue for more elegant and brilliant home interior decoration. Be it bright and dark colors, though, blue becomes a slick decorations part to display. The harmony created by the use of blue can be found in this inspiring interior for a beautiful and functional blue scheme in any room.

Stylish blue scheme

Selection of interior decoration of the living room in blue color for the background of the room, to distinguish of the room. Blue color also give a warm impression for a stylish living room look. The combination of soft ash walls is the same between the use of a large space sofa. You can create wide openings from the window direction for an open impression and make the interior brighter.

Soft blue with wallpaper

The warm, comfortable blend of the living room can provide a more elegant space scheme. Blue look is easy to combine with soft gray color from the selection of wall wallpaper motifs provide beautiful details for this living room wall. To shine more, why don't you try with a slightly striking color such as dusty rose and gold color to make this room look more expensive.

The elegant blue color scheme is a bit of a contrast

If you want to try the blue interior, a slick and stylish design for the bathroom area like this, you can try. A little blue touch makes the bathroom feel more calm and warm. You can mix with the color cons such as black on the use of a limiting glass frame of shower. Provide maximal lighting from down lights for a more stylish bathroom design.

Minimalist Scandinavian blue color

Although the blue color is an important part for home interior decoration that can give a spacious and warm impression. You can try this design for the kitchen interior to improve the mood. Combine it  with a pastel color palette and creamy natural shades for the kitchen and dining room cabinets. Beautiful ash you can apply to similar walls between the upper kitchen cabinets for an interesting kitchen scheme.

Give blue details for a stylish kitchen cabinet

So that the kitchen space is used comfortably, the blue combination as design you can try like this. Cabinet details with pastel blue color give the impression of relief for the size of the large kitchen letter L model. Provide natural enhancements from the direction of window to help cooking activities in a comfortable kitchen.

Homey, stylish for bedroom design

The selection of a slick bedroom concept with gray color makes the resting atmosphere more comfortable and quiet. Motif wallpapers are used to make your bedroom look warmer. Such as the use of  large size curtains that up to the ceiling of the room gives the impression of spacious and open. You can try a natural combination with a bed and also a table of wood materials such as this design.

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