A Relaxing Purple Home Design with Fresh and Beautiful Arrangement

Homiful.com -- So many people afraid of decorating their home with purple color. Many people worry if the house will become too vibrant within a lot of purple decorations. These opinions are not completely wrong. But, if you incorporate the purple things in home with proper arrangement, surely the purple home will look fabulous than the other. 

As the purple house, we will review below. This house carries a purple color theme that is applied predominantly. Each room is beautifully styled, so it feels relaxed and elegant at the same time. For more details, keep reading for "A Relaxing Purple Home Design with Fresh and Beautiful Arrangement".

A spacious living room design

The living room looks spacious and airy, due to the elongated shape of the space. The walls are painted in white and purple to give it a sweet look. Soft furnishing was also chosen in a matching purple color, so that the purple theme is clearly visible. The floor uses plain white ceramics. This white ceramic also serves as a color neutralizer, so the room does not look monotonous with a lot of purple color.

Go all out in choosing purple soft furnishings

As someone who're in love with purple things, you can pick soft furnishings in purple color. Give different combinations of textures and materials to each soft furnishing to make the room look dynamic. For example, choose a purple sofa from soft cotton, a tufted purple rug and a window curtain of soft made of smooth satin material.

Keep the room bright and cozy

When designing a purple home, you can use the variety of purple colors to the room. It will make the room look so dynamic and not monotonous. For the best room, don't forget to install a window that will brighten up the purple room. The window is also the best to keep the fresh air in the room. 

Minimalist Purple Kitchen Design

No need to worry, if you have a small space for the kitchen. Turn the small space into a beautiful purple kitchen. You can design a countertop with permanent style. Under the countertop, install kitchen curtains in plaid pattern that will make the space looks neat and beautiful. The upper kitchen is replaced with some floating shelves to make the small kitchen look spacious and airy. 

Decorate every space with purple things

Every space shouldn't look so empty. Enliven the space by placing some snacks table to the space. The tablecloth and rug can be selected in matching purple. Make use of the walls to display some cute purple decorations and a mirror.

The exterior design

Designing a home exterior in purple color is quite tricky. So, make sure you combine the purple things and other elements in good arrangement. The house buildings such as pillars and walls can be painted in purple. Meanwhile, the floor is white. This combination remains the home exterior look good  and not excessive. 

No need to paint the front yard in purple color. Keep it simple with path walks and grass to keep it looks more natural and cozy.

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Author : Yeni
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