7 Wonderful One Wall Kitchen And Tips You Can Use For Them


Homiful.com -- Having a limited kitchen area certainly makes you have to be more creative to design a comfortable kitchen. You only have one wall to put the kitchen cabinet? The design of a one-wall kitchen often requires is to be more careful in decorating the kitchen.

The beautiful and unique kitchen design certainly makes your cooking activities more enjoyable. To help you in designing the kitchen, let's first look at "7 wonderful one wall kitchen and tips you can use for them" below.

Minimalist kitchen design under stairs


If you have space left at the bottom of the stairs, you can make use of it into a comfortable kitchen. This kitchen allows getting maximum natural light because it is located next to the back porch. So that the air circulation in the kitchen will also run well.

Industrial kitchen design


One of the kitchen designs that are being ht, is the kitchen with industrial style. To apply it, industrial kitchen usually uses unfinished wall interior that gives an elegant impression. Combine it with white backsplash walls for a more modern look.

Kitchen that blends into the dining room

Carrying the concept of the open plan by combining the two rooms, becomes one way to get around a small house to look more spacious. The kitchen that blend with the dining room will certainly function more functionally. Because the function of these two rooms are interrelated.

Comfortable natural kitchen 


To get a kitchen with the maximum level of comfort, this kitchen nuanced wood material can be one of your references. The use of neutral colors such as white, light brown, to cream makes the kitchen atmosphere more soothing.

Kitchen with minimalist style


The following kitchen designs are simple and have a great, cozy atmosphere. The combination of wood material with white shades makes the kitchen look cleaner. While the decoration of greenery makes the kitchen atmosphere more beautiful.

Kitchen design with island


Not onlu a complementary decoration in the kitchen, the existence of kitchen island can be used as an additional area for cooking activities. Well, a variety of activities such as food preparation you can do here. That way, your cooking process will certainly be more fun.

Kitchen design with outdoor concept


Kitchen design with outdoor concept has started to be used n various types of minimalist houses. Because the outdoor concept is considered more functional. In addition to getting air circulation, your cooking activities will certainly feel more pleasant with the view of the outside area.

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