7 Welcoming Guest Home and Cottage Ideas

Homiful.com -- National holidays, a big wedding event or unfriendly weather can be one of the reasons your extended family or colleagues have to stay at your house. When the time comes, so where are they going to live? Instead of traditional guest rooms that blend into your home, a detached guest house is a great solution for hosting your guests and family in your home but not really being in the same house. This model is suitable to give privacy to yourself or your staying colleagues. If you need inspiration to provide a comfortable guest house,

If you need inspiration to provide a comfortable guest house, keep reading for 7 Welcoming Guest Home and Cottage Ideas.

The brick home features with a charming courtyard


If you are going to build a guest house or cottage, it is worth building it firmly so that it lasts a long time. The idea of building a brick house is quite fitting for that. It features a charming courtyard that fuses with the main house. When the times come, the children can play around in the spacious courtyard.

A minimalist guest house with fresh pool


Have a big backyard? In addition to the garden, you can build a minimalist but comfortable cottage. You can create a wooden horizontal fence as an outdoor privacy enhancer. The presence of a pool will also make your relatives or colleagues so that they can relax and briefly relieve the tension of the mind.

Loft room design for the best convenience


Enter the guest house, it is not really pleasant if the guest only to see the mattress inside. You can provide a living room or additional space for the comfort rest. When the room is limited, try to create a loft room design like the picture above. The upper room is used as a bedroom, while the space underneath is provided with a minimalist living room.

Triple beds in a room


When the big family comes to your home (and they will stay at your home), of course you need extra beds for them. It is a good idea to provide a room with more beds in it. Triple bed in a single room is also a good solution. If the space is limited, you can try to place a bunk bed that can accommodate two bed in above and below the bunk. This way, a room will fit to 3 to 4 peoples.

The bamboo cottage


Bamboo is a cost-effective material. If your area still has plenty of over-the-counter solid bamboo, you can make a bamboo cottage like this. With the proper construction, the bamboo cottage also quite strong and durable. You can place the greenery in around the house, so the guest house appear more fresh and natural.

Guest bedroom interior design


Comfort is a must-have in a guest bedroom at a guest house. Make sure you install enough windows to make the room look bright during the day. Bamboo flooring can also be lined with unique and warm woven rugs. If necessary, put a pair of chairs and bamboo table to sit back and relax in the room.

A container guest home


The idea of container houses is quite popular in some European or American countries. The design of the container house is quite simple but looks sturdy with its constituent metal material. The idea of a container guest house also seems quite practical, you can buy a special container house to put in your yard. Then fill it with interior space that supports the comfort of guests who stay in it.

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