7 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

 Homiful.com - Having small kitchen get to be a challenge in itself to create it feel comfortable to doing activities. Those says "nice things comes from little package".

So, here 7 Ways to make your small kitchen look bigger, thus making more comfort to cooking.

Make The Kitchen with Light Color

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One of room to create bigger is using light colors. Moreover, using the same colors or similar to combined without contrast color mix this is also helped the room that have tight spot look bigger.

Why dark color not good idea? Because dark color have created, the room feels crowded even though added light aid.

Using Lighting to Get Bright Atmosphere

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Lighting is the main how to get spaciousness. But, if you have a tight spot and hidden area in the kitchen, this is to make the area lack of light and look gloomy.

You may be using  added light to help the hidden area so that make room have bright atmosphere and look bigger.

Reflective Materials can be to Choose

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Have using reflection material is also helped to make small kitchen look bigger. Reflective material that had distributed bounce result to make the area bigger than the original.

You can use wall with glossy ceramics, glossy cabinets, shiny floor, or glass tiles to make reflection in the kitchen.

Natural Light from Window

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Natural lighting that comes from sunlight also help the kitchen area look bigger. Using window can make the sunlight go into the kitchen room.

Moreover, if you get a few to using added light such us lamp, you can create wide window that if enough with kitchen area to make the light set.

Cabinets to Make Heighten Spaciousness

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Heighten cabinet make help the kitchen tidy and spaciousness. You can put kitchenware in this cabinet, then your small kitchen not look like cramped because the kitchenware still on the table.

To heighten cabinet is also help if lower cabinet is loaded with kitchenware. So, thus make more efficient in overcoming tangles in the kitchen.

Don't Place many Things Out in the Counter

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Visible fewer items in the area, thus make visible wider the visible. Thus, can happen because the effect from visible items create the kitchen area to be covered by the items.

With visible fewer items, make you roomy to have activities in the kitchen. Then, let you know, with the visible fewer items, make you have good mood for the day, and you will have nice day to cooking.

Skip the Kitchen from Ornament

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The final ways for your small kitchen to look bigger are to skip using the ornament in the kitchen. Even though the ornament place in your wall or another kitchen element.

Why skip ornament? Because, if you use the ornament, the area have look like crowded and cramped. So, better use plain accent that have similar accent or color in this small kitchen area.

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