7 Unique Small Kitchen Ideas

7 Unique Small Kitchen Ideas

Homiful.com -- Practical small kitchen sizes can be changed with a functional look. There are many creative needs and variations to design a small kitchen at home, you can use some functional furniture even thought it is small and minimalist. Do not have to prioritize its function alone, the kitchen also needs to be given an aesthetically beautiful impression to make the owner comfortable. There are many references for you to check out in terms of unique and interesting kitchenette design below.

Kitchen of cast materials


If there are still people around you who use kitchen design made of cast material or masonry, this unique kitchen design can be imitated. Not to be outdone by the usual kitchen design, fresh green nuances give your spirit of cooking more improved. 

Equipped kitchen cabinet as well as sticky shelves to place a variety of necessary cooking furniture. Decorate with curtain motifs in the kitchen under the kitchen like this design. Guaranteed, your kitchen will be more classy and feel comfortable.

Marble kitchen table


Who says that a small kitchen can't use expensive materials. This small unique kitchen chooses a kitchen table from a classy marble material and looks elegant. Complete with kitchen cabinet as a storage room, you can make use of the size of a small kitchen with a directed and neat L-shaped.

Elegant black with mosaic backsplash


In order to create a unique small kitchen design, you can choose a similar interior like this monochrome theme. Kitchen L-shaped that has a lot of storage space with a transparent cabinet at certain point aims to provide the ease of owners looking for home furnishing. Moreover, the backsplash area with elegant mosaic motifs, you just need to add a hidden lamp in the cabinet for lighting when cooking.



Not just cooking. The kitchen at home needs to be considered in its design by equipping a functional interior. Neat arrangement without kitchen cabinet, you can switch with a sticky model rack for various types of spatula and Teflon. Present a cheerful and pleasant impression, the interior of this bright and vibrant color kitchen can create a mood when cooking more happy.

Kitchen with built-in storage


To display a unique kitchenette design, you can choose a small kitchen layout and use an L-shaped table like this. Design with a classic minimalist white look to make the kitchen look neat and clean throughout the day. To combine neatly arranged kitchen space, use the built-in storage to put the refrigerator in the corner of the room.

Unique but well-equipped kitchenette


The most important thing when designing a kitchen at home is to consider the completeness of the kitchen space rather that its appearance. But you can combine the two aspects and make it look like this kitchen design. Spacious impression, minimalist interior white color with dining room that becomes one makes the small kitchen room more compact and space-saving.

Natural kitchen materials


The narrow size of the kitchen does not mean that the room seems boring and empty. The following kitchen design must be the choice. Warm atmosphere and natural impression are included in the kitchen arrangement using natural wood materials. You can put the kitchen space in the area near the back garden, with cabinet details that look neat and compact.

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