7 Tips To Peace Lily Care Indoor

7 Tips To Peace Lily Care Indoor

Homiful.com -- Don't you have a little concern for your peace lily?

And the impression of not getting flowers from your loving lilies? No need to worry.

This time we will talk about how to take good care of the little peace lily until flowered as you wish. Many ways to car for peace lily easily and can make it as perennial plant of all time. With the right conditions and treatments, you can enjoy the beauty of peace lily happily at home.

Keep soil moisture


The first thing you can do when you have lily plants, make the soil to stay moist and awake. You can water it when the soil starts to dry out. If it is neglected dry for too long, you will find leaves that begin to brown with an unhealthy color. So take care of your lilies at home. Wholeheartedly, huh?

Avoid chemicals


So that your peace lilies have a look, produce beautiful plants. Keep him away from the harsh chemicals. In general, chemicals are often found in taps, such as fluoride, that can cause the leaves to change color to brown. This time you can filter the water at room temperature if possible. This kind of thing helps the freshness of plants and makes peace lily thrive and natural.



In spring and summer, after knowing if, peace lilies are very sensitive to chemicals. This time you have to switch by using organic fertilizer or compost that can help the growth of plants and flowers quickly bloom. So compost or organic fertilizer is the best choice when you have lilies at home.

Room temperature


Not only as decoration in the room only. Peace lilies are very beautiful to be placed indoors to make the interior of the house more attractive. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to this peace lilies to get a consignment temperature from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Protect the plant from wind and the dominant temperature change form the cold. So you can place on an area that is open for winter to get more intense sunlight.



Hope when having peace lilies is to see the beauty of flowers. You can show off your peace lilies in spring with beautiful leaves and flowers. Especially when it is blooming and starting to fade, you can cut the base of the stem that blooms so that it grow sin a different place.

Planting process


When the roost of your plant show, peace lily starts to look large, the pot can be switched to a larger size. This needs periodic transfer in order for the process of moving plants well and making the roost do not break. No matter how big the peace lilies are, she doesn't need to go into a large pot that's over inches in size

Take  a good care and keep away from animals


To take of this peace lilies plant, you have to be very careful in its detailed care. Many problems you get when having this plant. But no need to worry. You can clean the leaves first, spraying insecticides. If the leaves are yellow, you can place them outdoors not very often.

Peace lilies are slightly toxic to animals and humans. It is important and also as a recall if you can keep from small children and pets. Wash your hands after handling this plant because it can produce crystals that can irritate the skin.

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