7 Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden


7 Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden

Homiful.com -- The balcony of the house becomes the most comfortable area for light exercise in the morning or just to relax in the afternoon. It is good if one of the areas in this house is designed with a beautiful look to provide a sense of comfort when blessings on the balcony of the house. Well before arranging the balcony garden in the house, 7 Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden you can try to do.

Choosing plants that are easy to care for


When you choose balcony as an area to make the garden beautiful. Be sure to look at the size of the balcony first before deciding what the balcony will be used for. Well, if you intend to create a garden in the balcony area, be sure to choose plants that are easy to maintain and do not take much time and attention on your own. Plant such as yucca, zinnia, petunia, cactus and aloe vera can be great choice to fill the garden balcony area at home.

Vertical model garden


To make your balcony better and more maximal even with a small size, vertical garden can be the choice. You can choose stacked pots, wall-hanging or hanging on the balcony for a stunning balcony garden design. In addition to plants, vegetables can be one solution to save money. Such as kale, mustard, to other herbs.

Block the balcony fence with plant


When you often sit in the balcony area but do not get the impression of privacy, putting plants to hide the walls or fence of the balcony can be the main solution. You just need to hang ornamental plants in the railing area like this design. Then prepare some furniture for a relaxing atmosphere that is privacy and more intimate with the husband.

Mayana plant could be the choice


Balcony area will be very pretty if the design and arrangement is slick. Beside being the focal point for apartments or second-floor houses, colorful balconies will always be a dream. You can but mayana plant for colorful balcony garden design. Its growth is very easy, and you can get it anywhere with beautiful colorful leaves.

Make herbs on the balcony


Home balcony garden design will be very appropriate if used as a herbal garden. No matter the size, the balcony will be very interesting if it has a dual function as a food source and a soothing green visual. You can complete the balcony with rosemary, basil, mint, sage and thyme plants. Especially with a very intense natural like this, of course your balcony garden will be more refreshing throughout the day.

Pay attention to fertilization and watering


When caring for plants on the balcony of the house is to pay attention to the care in terms of fertilization and watering. Sometimes the balcony area is often forgotten, it will make you diligently visit the balcony when it has a garden on it. Be sure to provide plants nutrients with organic fertilizer, and do not forget to water when the soil begins to dry out.

Use a crop rack


Small balcony size can be utilized to the maximum by choosing crops racks for space savings. You can choose a hanging plant rack, a ladder model, or just a pot attached to the wall. Something like this will make the balcony garden in your house feel spacious, so that one furniture can be put to relax in the afternoon.

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