7 Super Easy Plants for Your Terrace Garden

7 Super Easy Plants for Your Terrace Garden

Homiful.com -- How do you start a garden above the house like a balcony, terrace and roof? You can grow a variety of plants to give the impression of fresh and well-maintained houses. Balcony can be one of the alternative to laying ornamental plants with easy care out of reach.
But what plants are suitable to be place on the balcony? You have to choose between ornamental plant, vegetable plants or flower crops.

Here are 7 plants for a balcony house that is good for a house or apartment. What the quote looks like, check out the review below!

Areca Palm


In most pale plants, Areca palm is one of the best types of palm to remove indoor air pollutants and serves to purify the air around the house. Areca palm is able to release a lot of moisture into the air, in addition it is consistently rated as the best ornamental plant to eradicate all air toxins in the room.

The treatment is not difficult, you just need to water it regularly for perfect moisture.



Many types of Monstera plant are favored today. You can choose monstera adansonii that has different leaves from other monstera. That hole in this leaf is only found in the middle of the leas and does not choose the motif on the side. Small leaves with light green gradation to dark green are very beautiful as a collection of ornamental plants for balcony decoration in the house.

Lady Palm


This plant that originated in Hawaii has dark green leaves resembling the palms and fingers of humans, known as lady palms. 

Magnitude of about 3' to more than 10'. This plant is like areca palm that can clean the surrounding air naturally. Different physical characteristics with Areca palm, but the treatment is almost the same.

New Guinea Impatiens


Cheerful shades ranging from peaches to hot pink, New Guinea is a reliable choice for long season colors. Flowers that have a beautiful color and tend to be the best plant to put in a pot rather than a hanging basket. You can out on the balcony of the house along with other ornamental plants that are beautiful to look at.



Caladiums is a type of plants that still belongs to the family of ornamental taro plants. Very much type can be the best collectible to fill the balcony space in the house. The leaves are heart-shaped with a striking and vibrant pattern from pink to hot red. It can grow about 10 inches to 2 feet tall. That's the need for this Caladium put outside the house such as terrace, balcony of rooftop.

Chinese Evergreen


Chinese evergreen is still one type with Aglaonema which is a tribe of taro-taro. Because of the guilt of tropical forest, this plant will grow ell in areas with low irradiation intensity and high inertia, you can make this plant as a focal point for balconies by putting different varieties of Chinese evergreen.



Beautiful and colorful balcony visible form lavender plants in pots. You can see it blooming for a long time, with the scent of a typical perfume carrying toward the Mediterranean. Since lavender requires a lot of sun supply, the can put it on the balcony of a house full of houseplant like this,.

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