7 Stunning Containers Vegetable Garden Design Ideas and Tips

 Homiful.com -- Containers vegetable gives bountiful harvest vegetable on your own. The ideas make the vegetables and herbs in containers useful for limited space. Moreover, you just need to pluck the veggies if you want to make salad or soup or some else to make food. And then, the veggies in the container looks appealing and fresh.

Veggies and Herbs in a Flower Box

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Not having a garden doesn't mean that you can't make a garden for yourself. You can use flower box to plants the veggies and herbs that you want. The placement that you can select in front of the window, to get sunlight nutrition. In this flower box, you can plant some veggies and herbs to become one for saving place. 

To treat veggies and herbs in a placed, you can give limiting between plants. Don't forget to eliminate pests and weeding.

Tomato and Cabbage in One Container

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Tomato and cabbage can be placed in one container. So, you'll be easier when harvesting plants. You can put it in the yard or balcony if you are in apartment that have small space.

The tomato can to grow vertically for saving space. The tips for two veggies in one container, create a distinct space between the two veggies, so the plants will grow healthy and able to breathe.

Parsley and Another Veggies Container in Plan Rack

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The veggies and herbs can be set in shelves to get a good look. The Shelves can be created vertical in a tight area. These shelves model can place in the balcony, inner garden, and the terrace, that have tight area. 

Watering frequently to the plants, and you can harvest from homegrown with veggies and herbs that your plant.

Vertical Lettuce Idea

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Who loves to eat salad? The main menu for making salad is lettuce, right? So, the good news, you can harvest lettuce for yourself from your garden to make salad. You can grow fresh lettuce in a limited space with vertical gardening and make it hydroponic system.

Make plants holder to keep more pots. Railing planters and hanging is must if you have placement to a balcony.

Chili in Pot

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Harvest the chili from homegrown make this a lot of fun. Plants in pot can select if you have tight place. You can get put on top the window that have a lot of sunlight to help grow of plants. 

The tips if you plant veggies indoors, you give frequently fertilizer for plants. And make routine watering to give nutrition.

Broccoli in Container

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Broccoli in unique containers make it interest for the garden. When you plant in the container, the broccoli is easy to move in around the house, and suitable for small space. 

Broccoli in a container is the one little intensive for the treatment. Often feed the plants with fertilizer that rich of nitrogen and water regularity.

So, from those  stunning containers vegetable garden above, which one is your favorite?


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