7 Splendid Small Kitchen And Ideas You Can Use For Them


Homiful.com -- Small kitchens are not always synonymous with a stuffy and uncomfortable impression. But if you know the tips and tricks to outsmart it through the right design, even a small kitchen will feel more comfortable.

We'll show you some examples of how to get around a small design and make use of it make a more functional space. Let's first check out "7 Splendid small kitchen and ideas you can use for them" that you can imitate easily at home!

Small Kitchen with mini bar


Kitchen is not only functioned as a place to cook, but can still be a place to gather and talk with family. Kitchen design with mini bar is one solution for those of you who have a minimalist room. Well, you can use this mini bar a pleasant dining table.

Kitchen design blends into the dining room


Want to design a kitchen and dining room with a small space but still look more spacious? Bringing these two rooms together is the solution. Because these two rooms have related functions, so it does not matter when combining these two rooms.

Kitchen design with white shades


For those of you who have limited space, a kitchen with a white theme can make a more spacious look. The application of white color on sized kitchen never disappoints and makes a cleaner impression.

Small kitchen with natural lighting


When designing a small kitchen, the thing you should not miss is good lighting. The use of a transparent roof allows the kitchen to get maximum natural light. So that the kitchen will feel cooler, free from the impression of stuffy.

Small kitchen under the stairs


If your have space left at the bottom of the stairs, make use of it is as functional room that is the kitchen. This linier kitchen looks more beautiful with a touch of hexagonal ceramic motifs on the backsplash and also the floor. Your cooking activities will be more fun, won't you?

Small kitchen with kitchen island


Not only a beautiful kitchen complement, the existence of the kitchen island can also be used as a additional area when cooking. Such as preparing ingredients to be processed, well you can do it together with family members. The cooking process will also be very fun and functional.

Small kitchen with semi outdoor concept


The concept of semi outdoor kitchen began to be widely applied in many houses with minimalist style because it is considered more effective and functional. The following kitchen design is located adjacent to the back garden of the house, with transparent glass doors as s room seal. Your cooking atmosphere while enjoying the garden will also feel more refreshing.

That's "7 splendid small kitchen and ideas you can use for them" that you can use as a reference. From the various kitchen designs above, which one is your favorite?

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