7 Small Swimming Pool in Backyard Ideas

Homiful.com -- It feels so good to wash away the summer heat by swimming in the pool. So, if you still have some remaining land in the backyard, why not turn it into a fun swimming pool. When you want to swim, you don't have to go to a public swimming pool. Just go to your backyard, then enjoy your swimming time there. Having a swimming pool in backyard also could maximize quality time with your family member. You can enjoy the summer weekend by holding a summer party together with your friend or family. 

Get inspired from 7 Small Swimming Pool in Backyard Ideas and make one in your backyard!

A Clear Swimming Pool Look


Surely, we want to have a swimming pool that looks so clear and cool. That's why, when you build a swimming pool, make sure you choose the best tiles for swimming pool. Ceramics and porcelain pool tiles have been the most popular choices for pool tile. You can choose a clear blue ceramics pool tiles, so it will give the illusion of clear and fresh blue water like in the ocean.

A Clear Glass in the Pool


Make your swimming pool worth to post by adding a clear glass on the pool. This clear glass allows you to see the water clarity and making the pool look so unique. Besides that, the idea of making a swimming pool high up, instead of swept down is very suitable applied for those of you who don't want to be complicated.

A Spacious Backyard with a Small Swimming Pool


Having a spacious backyard with small swimming pool is a bliss. You can hold a summer party in the backyard. Some of your friends can enjoy the summer iced tea and the other soak in the pool. Place a sun lounger with parasol, so you can enjoy your free time after swimming.

Decorate the sides of the pool


Never let the sides of the pool look empty and plain. You can beautify it by adding some ornamental things on the sides of the pool. For example, by planting cacti that can grow tall, soar. For a more traditional and ethnic vibe, the owner also put the large clay jars in the sides of the pool.

Play with The Shapes


This kind of swimming pool is very suitable for those of you who have little children. In addition to a box-shaped pool that is made to follow your height and posture, there is also a minimalist round pool that is suitable for children. Just make sure you keep an eye on your kids while they're in the pool. That way, unwanted things won't happen.

A Blue Pool and Wooden Floor


The small, blue swimming pool is better with a mini waterfall. For the safety, you can choose wooden floors on the veranda near the pool. The wooden materials tend not to be easily slippery when exposed to splashes of water. The wooden floor also gives a more cozy look to the backyard.

Add String Lights


The swimming pool can also be used at dusk or night. You can add string lights to brighten up the swimming pool. The string lights also create a dim atmosphere that pleasant to look at. Just make sure, the string lights is installed very safely.

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