7+ Small Bedroom Ideas That Are Big On Style


Homiful.com -- Having a small bedroom does not mean uncomfortable and does not look attractive. But actually, a simple bedroom with a small size makes it easier for you to decorate it according to your needs.

Homiful.com has prepared some inspiring 7 + Small bedroom ideas that are big on style that you can inspire. Some bedroom designs below are designed simply so that they can be applied easily at home.

Bedroom design with minimalist decors

by : @amalyahode

By designing a minimalist bedroom with little decoration and also the use of furniture as needed. You can maximize the bed area to be a comfortable place of relaxation. Only the bed and also the use of wall shelves on both sides give the impression of a more elegant and functional bedroom.

Bedroom design in bright colors

by : @mayatriswandi

Applying bright colors to small bedrooms, especially on wall interiors, makes the room look more spacious. Choose light colors such as beige, white to ivory yellow. The color will make the room look neater and cleaner.

Bedroom design with large windows

by : @mommy.etha

One solution to make the small bedroom look more spacious is to present a window. The presence of large windows is very influential in small rooms. In addition to getting good natural lighting throughout the day, it also makes the air circulation run well.

Small bedroom design with beautiful decors

by : @neamustika

If you have too small bedroom space, you can make the most of the wall. Decorate the walls of a simple bedroom by using beautiful feather wall decorations makes the look of your bedroom more fun.

Small bedroom design with proper arrangement

by : @onyah.pinky

The arrangement of small rooms is very important to make the room airy. By placing the bed transversely on the narrow side of the wall helps you save more space available. So you can make use of the rest of the space for other needs.

Minimalist bedroom design with wall molding

by : @puput_home

Minimalist bedroom with plain walls will give a boring impression, right? Well, you can get around it by using wall molding techniques that will make the look of the bedroom with purple shades become more attractive.

Small bedroom design with proper use furniture

by : @rinalatif22

There is a trick in choosing the right furniture for a small bedroom. To avoid the impression of a full room, you can choose furniture that is not too large. By placing the side  table on both sides of the bed, you can use it to place some accessories.

Bedroom design with pastel shades

by : @velufiah

The use of pastel colors for the design of small bedrooms is proven to give a more cheerful impression. The use of a bed without a headboard makes the small bedroom space look more spacious . This bedroom design inspiration is suitable for women's rooms because of its adorable design.

That's the inspiration of 7+ small bedroom ideas that are big on style that you can apply at home easily. Of the several designs above, which one is your favorite design?

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