7 Serenely Minimalist Bedroom

7 Serenely Minimalist Bedroom 

Homiful.com -- Minimalist style has long been a popular interior or exterior arrangement for home design. This kind of thing is also aimed at choosing a minimalist bedroom concept that can bring a sense of comfort and good sleep quality for the owner.

If in general, minimalist bedrooms will be imagined with white room and a little furniture. But in reality, the minimalist bedroom design you can combine with the selection of interior that fits the size of the room, to functional of the comfortable bedroom below!

Modern Serenity


Comfortable bedrooms will look luxurious with detailed textures than contrasting color selections. Like this room that has a simple design, beautiful and look simple because of the use of carpet floors. To give the room more dynamism. Put a bed light on each side of the room with a semi-dim night to support a comfortable sleep.

Small size without bed


Small bedroom size requires you to be creative in addressing the interior. Without the use of a bed like this, you can choose a mattress that is medium size and extra thickness that can give a warm impression. Use interior and rough furniture, such as nightstands, clothes and some other functional furniture.

Don't forget the space window


Healthy bedroom design is to get the maximum sun exposure to avoid mold growing because of the damp space. Then this minimalist bedroom design serenity you can try.

Expose brick walls accompanied by a vintage concept of a wide-open section of space windows. Provide detailed decorations such as the use of ceramic motif or adding wall wallpapers that show details.

With a beautiful contrast


Minimalist bedroom look is dominant with white color. But you do not have to be the same, just try by including some contrasting color such as pink for this bed cover. Because white is an easy color to combine with various other colors, you can use beautiful ceiling details and have texture.

Like a villa room


The nest minimalist bedroom design is inspired from the typical villa room. Has a homey and memorable atmosphere for couples who are on their honeymoon. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere of the room with some rustic decorations or soft and memorable elements. Don't forget the sunlight to get into the room so that it helps the room more comfortable.

Rustic minimalist 


If you intend to make a beautiful bedroom, comfortable and simple. This design can be tried. The necessary decorations alone does not make the room look ugly. With calm colors, rustic design pf wall parts decorate the bedroom more colorful contrast and expression. Add beautiful lighting to make the room atmosphere more romantic.

Modern Moroccan


The design of the room that looks locals or Moroccan feels calming and comfortable. The right texture and color for the sleeping part is chosen as well as adding a beautiful lighting paste  model as seen. Complete this bedroom with charming artwork on the wall to avoid a monotonous impression.

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