7 Roof Gardens Ideas

Homiful.com - To fill the rooftop void, you can utilize it to make a garden. Or you can make the rooftop have another functional like sunbathing area, seating, workout area, etc. You can make it as relaxing space in this rooftop to enjoy the fresh air in the morning or evening. But, here you can see about 7 Roof Gardens Ideas that can applicant to your house. Want to know? Let's go!

Make Perfect Set-Up of Roof Gardens

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The design for your rooftop are you can make it with vines around the roof gardens. To make it look more beautiful, you can put a sofa or chair and table to make a seating area. Then, you can put rattan chairlift to make this area more relax and cozy for stay. Then, put it grass synthesis to make this area lively and make natural. Look! You have perfect set-up for roof gardens.

Make Green House and Seating for Roof Gardens Ideas

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Green house in your rooftop sounds good for your rooftop gardens ideas. Build the shade with glass materials to have more sunlight in the green house. You can combine the glass materials with mild steel for the buffer that have black color. This look more elegant and beautiful for your green house. Then, you can add furniture for seating area.

Bringing Soil to Rooftop and Make Your Roof Gardens

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These ideas so unique. You can bring soil and put it in a large container. And then, you can grow plants or flowers in this soil in the container box. With nice set up, your rooftop have pretty gardens. To equipped, you can coat the floor of rooftop with vinyl to make different ambience and make it like natural as real.

Mini Garden that Around Bench in Roof Gardens

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The corner of rooftop can be utilized to make roof gardens. You can plant herbs, flowers, or vegetables in this roof gardens. Then, placed it in the box that have made. Beside the railing of the rooftop, you can place the box of plants. Then, to make it cozy roof gardens, you can add benches beside the gardens. VoilĂ , you have good relax for the day in this roof gardens.

Mini Potted Plants Decorate Your Roof Bar

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Make your mini bar in the rooftop. And you will have a good day that you ever have. Add grass synthetic on the floor of rooftop to make have natural essence. Then, you can put the box of plants like flowers, herbs, or vegetables to decorate the rooftop area. But, you can make mini garden that have a bunch of plants beside the bar side area.

Rooftop with Plants and Relaxing Area

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Rooftop is the place that have good area for relaxing your body and soul. Make it complete if you put plants or make garden in this area. With nice set-up, put the plants beside the chair that have you seating. Or you can build a place from cast cement for the place of mini garden. Put the chair that make you cozy, you can place rattan chair, or you can be added with cushion and pillow.

Mini Gardens Beside Workout Area in Rooftop

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Have workout for your hobby, you can build workout area in the rooftop. With pergola for shade workout area, you have cozy and relax to work out. Then, you can add hanging plants in pot for your pergola to make it feel fresh. Then beside workout area and side of railing, you can make mini garden that can place flowers or herbs.

There are 7 Roof Gardens Ideas for applicant in your roof gardens. What do you like for the ideas above? Then tell me. I hope you enjoy this article. See you and have a nice day everyone.

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