7 Pink Bedrooms With Images, Tips and Accessories To Help You


Homiful.com --  The bedroom is a reflection of the owner's personality. Therefore, you have to design a comfortable bedroom but also in the decoration appropriately. Pink color is a very popular color choice so why don't you try to decorate the pink room?

Shades of pink color is identical to the symbol of love, peace, and of course as a symbol of femininity that matches the female character. Well, to get a suitable pink room, let's check out the inspiration of the following interesting rooms!

Pink bedroom design with minimalist style


Usually a small room will carry a minimalist style by applying light colors. Well, for a sweeter look, you can combine both pink and white with softer tones. That way, the atmosphere of the room will certainly feel more soothing.

Pink bedroom design for teens


Pink color is often used to decorate the room of children to teenagers. The design of the teenage children's room tends to be designed simply without much decoration, but still functional. This room is designed with a dominance of pink colors ranging from walls to beds that make it more girly.

Simple pink bedroom design with pretty curtains


Window blinds are not functioned as a protection from incoming sunlight, but also make the look more attractive. This bedroom is designed with pink wall interior that looks catchy combined with dusty pink curtains.

Pink bedroom with window


The presence of windows in small bedrooms is proven to make for a wider look. Presenting windows is also a trick to make the small bedroom fresher and refreshing. For maximum comfort atmosphere, you can put a TV that will make your relaxing atmosphere feel more pleasant.

Relaxing pink bedroom


To design a bedroom with pink shades with a more soothing atmosphere, you can choose pink color with softer tone. This pink bedroom is designed without much decoration to avoid a full impression of the room. Decorate the walls with tropical concept for a more attractive look.

Pink bedroom wit functional furniture


For those of you who have a small bedroom, inspiring a bedroom with functional furniture application is the best ideas that you can apply. The use of a bed with cabinet feature at the bottom, can certainly help you in maximizing storage without having to make the room look full.

Pink bedroom with attractive lighting


If you have a bedroom without a window, you can still get around it to look brighter with the right use of lighting. In addition to the down light application, this pink bedroom uses LED lights on the ceiling to keep it bright. That way, this room will still look spacious and comfortable.

That's 7 pink bedrooms with images, tips and accessories that you can use as one of the references. Which of the pink bedroom designs above is your favorite?

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