7 Paint Colors We're Seeing All Over Instagram


Homiful.com -- Instagram is one of social media platforms used to share photos to contemporary videos. The interior design of the house at at any time will certainly change following the trend.

Well, Homiful.com will share the colors that are popular, and often we find on Instagram that you can apply to the interior design of the house so as not to be outdated. Wondering what colors are trending? Let's check out the review below!

Living room design with charming baby pink color

by : @onyah.pinky

Pink has always been a popular color, and we often encounter it on Instagram. In contrast to the bright pink color, baby pink makes the atmosphere of the living room more comfortable and calming. So that guest who come to visit will certainly feel at home lingering in you home.

Minimalist kitchen with purple color

by : @intan_keanu

The color purple is included in the unique color. Purple can bring a variety of atmospheres is a room. If we want a softer look, you can apply it with pastel purple color like this. Combine iy with warm white lighting so that your cooking atmosphere will be more pleasant, right?

Bedroom design in warm beige color

by : @anderiafera

Beige color is perfect for those of you who want a warmer bedroom color look. The beige feel is also identical to the interior design of minimalist house walls because it makes it look more spacious. For a more fun look, you can put dry plant decorations in the corner of the room.

Children's bedroom with soothing blue touches

by : @aprilia.sub

The color we often encounter next is blue. The blue color is identical to the cooler and calmer atmosphere. You can apply blue on one side of the bedroom wall so that it will produce a wider look. The blue color also includes a timeless color.

Green color that makes the room cooler

by : @rivialvaro

Green color has its own characteristic that will make the atmosphere of the room become cooler. Well, so its own characteristic that will make the atmosphere of the room become cooler. Well, so it is not too dark, you can use the window so that natural lighting will enter during the day. Add also some greenery decorations for a more beautiful look.

Room with beautiful pastel colors

by : @rumahbiasabiasasaja

The next trend of contemporary home paint colors is the application of beautiful pastel colors. The characteristic pastel colors are bright and soft colors. Pastel colors also give a charming girly impression. The living room is designed with pastel colors as well as attractive lighting applications, resulting in an attractive look.

Room with light brown shades

by : @wellanovikaaditya

To get maximum comfort, light brown application in the room can be an idea that you can try at home. In addition to giving an elegant impression, light brown color color is also easy to combine with various decorations. Its bright color also makes a more spacious impression.

Now that's 7 paint colors we're seeing all over Instagram that you can use as inspiration. Of the above colors, which one is you favorite color? Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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Author : Hafsah

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