7 Outdoor Kitchen Plans

 Homiful.com - Having outdoor kitchen that are dreams of many people. With the presence of outdoor kitchen, it gives different ambience. You can be having dinner with family, friends, guests. And then, in this outdoor kitchen, you can hold on even such us party, or barbecue.

Here that you can make some choose for Outdoor Kitchen Plans. Let's check it out!

Rustic Design for Outdoor Kitchen Design

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Take the rustic theme for the plan of outdoor kitchen, get natural atmosphere. The outdoor kitchen elements use more wooden elements to get the theme. With bamboo curtain as restraint between kitchen and backyard, looks like larger in this area. And take a place the plants in the kitchen to feel fresh in the area.

Contiguous with Living Room

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This plan can be use with living room and kitchen to get visual continued without sealing. Living room and kitchen make dealing with backyard if you give rolling door that use to border the area. Colored room in white, make the room feels larger and interesting. More lighting in kitchen get the area more beautiful.

Café Design for Outdoor Kitchen Plan

By : Instagram @ikhsanhamiru

Are you often going to the cafés or restaurant? Just make the cafés or restaurant in your home. The outdoor kitchen in your home, can be combined with cafés or restaurant concept. And, Boom! Your outdoor kitchen look like the real cafés or restaurant. 

Use transparent roof and get the little chandelier, make the lighting so beautiful. Don't forget gives benches in front of your kitchen, and gives some plants to make it feel fresh.

Simple Outdoor Kitchen at Backyard

By : pinterest rumah.com

The next design for outdoor kitchen plans were applied simple outdoor kitchen in the backyard. With nice setup, the area that have tight spot can use for outdoor kitchen.

Dealing with backyard, make some advantageous for the kitchen, that are make the kitchen feel fresh and can avoid stuffy smells when cooking.

Backyard Outdoor Kitchen with Transparent Roof

By : pinterest dailysiacom 

This outdoor kitchen has contiguous with backyard and use transparent roof. With mostly furniture come from wooden and the wall from natural brick left to look natural and beautiful.

The white kitchen set make elegant ambience and pure. Wooden floor can make the effect of kitchen warm and classic.

Fresh Outdoor Kitchen 

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Outdoor kitchen design facing towards the garden in backyard without sealing and just separated by low step. Wall use white color and the floor from ceramic with brown color look like from wood. 

The furniture matched with wall and floor make the outdoor kitchen have a good view and beautiful.

Outdoor Kitchen with Modern and Elegant Style 

By : Instagram @mellose_se

If you have large backyard, you can make outdoor kitchen in this backyard. Using transparent roof and black buffer, make this kitchen get more sunlight in the kitchen.

Take vinyl for the floor and covered with carpet that have similar color, make warm impression more felt. Kitchen furniture that have black dominated color make kitchen style look like elegant and modern.

Are you interest with the Outdoor Kitchen Plans? Which one from the design that become your favorite? 


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