7 Outdoor Dreams Kitchens

Homiful.com -- Outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity. An outdoor kitchen is also believed can significantly increase the home value. According to Zillow, homes with outdoor kitchen sell nearly 30 percent more than expected (via: brownjordanoutdoorkitchens).

There are times when cooking in an enclosed space makes the air in the kitchen feel more stuffy, not to mention the smell of cooking that sticks to our clothes and bodies. This can all be overcome by designing an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen also offers a more enjoyable cooking experience than the typical indoor kitchen. Cooking in an outdoor kitchen will certainly feel fresher, especially if the kitchens is directly facing the garden.

If you're interested in outdoor kitchen. Here's a look at 7 Outdoor Dreams Kitchens for your home.

Outdoor kitchen and dining area next to the garden


When designing an outdoor kitchen, it's a good idea to get to know your family's need and habit. If the family likes cooking and dining together, combining the kitchen space with the dining room can be a great option. Both areas are directly facing the back garden, so it will provide a fresh atmosphere into the room.

The kitchen area itself is made smaller and minimalist without an upper cabinet, while the rest is maximized for a shared dining area. The owner installs a bamboo blind in the kitchen space, so that the kitchen area is more shady and less hot.

Simple and minimalist outdoor kitchen


This outdoor kitchen maximizes the rest of the land outside. The kitchen location is directly adjacent to the side yard garden without any boundaries or partitions. This set up allows you not to feel overheat while cooking in the kitchen, as the fresh breeze can instantly blow your sweat. The countertop kitchen uses a permanent and sturdy materials. It has long durability and also resistant to the weather change, so you don't have to worry about the countertop will be porous when placed outdoor.

Stylish Outdoor Kitchen


The outdoor kitchen can bring a happy mood when cooking. This is because the open kitchen atmosphere feels more spacious and not stuffy. You can choose kitchen set with wood and black color as the kitchen above. The look impresses the outdoor kitchen, which looks simple but elegant. Consider installing a transparent roof to keep your kitchen safe from insects or other rodents.

Industrial Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor industrial kitchen with unfinished style looked present a sturdy and firm kitchen impression. You can pick a wooden kitchen furniture on the industrial kitchen. The combination of unfinished style with wooden furniture carry a blend of industrial and natural vibes. Add a mini bar with a pair of chairs that can be used as a breakfast table or a special place to enjoy your favorite drink.

Awesome Outdoor Kitchen


The outdoor kitchen will expand the living space. Besides not make the room being cramped, the outdoor kitchen is also can be a good place to gather with family member. After cooking, eating together will feel more comfortable, accompanied by the fresh air from the backyard.

The outdoor kitchen and garden design


The kitchen and garden is a combination of a fresh and fun for outdoor kitchen design. Garden designs don't have to be luxurious, a simple garden will complete the look of your open kitchen. The floor design can be chosen with wood motif tile floors, so this outdoor kitchen seems to blend with nature.

The outdoor kitchen design with bricks


For a rustic and classic outdoor kitchen, you can design an outdoor kitchen with bricks and wooden elements. These ideas make the kitchen design blend in with the fresh atmosphere around it. When designing an outdoor kitchen, you also don't have to buy a cooker hood to filter out the smoke and heat of cooking. The fresh air will immediately replace the heat of cooking.

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