7 Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms


Homiful.com -- The bathroom becomes one of the private rooms that has an important function after the bedroom. Therefore, the bathroom should be designed as comfortable and as good as possible so that the activities in the bathroom also feel more fun.

Modern minimalist-style bathroom design is a blend of minimalist and modern concepts. The design is more simple, so it is more functional and looks stylish. Homiful.com has prepared " 7 modern minimalist style bathrooms" that you can use as inspiration at home.

Bathroom design with wood accents

by : @evita_laz

You can design a small bathroom to be a more elegant by using a touch of wood material. The natural brown color of the wood material creates a warmer atmosphere. Combine with shades of white ceramic color so that bathroom size 1,35x1,60 looks more spacious.

Bathroom design with attractive wallpaper

by : @cintamorliebe

For an attractive bathroom wall display, you add stickers with flamingo motifs like this. Then you van combine it with beautiful pink ceramic motifs on one side of the wall to make the bathroom more stylish.

Luxurious modern minimalist bathroom

by : @citraki

Having a bathroom design with a luxurious design is a dream for everyone. Thus bathroom is designed complete with a bathub located in the corner of the room. In addition to adding aesthetic value of the room to the room. In addition to adding aesthetic value to the room, the use of bathub also makes more functional and looks luxurious.

Bathroom with beautiful floral ceramics

by : @eri_hers

When designing a bathroom, this thins you should not miss is the right selection of ceramics. This bathroom design uses ceramic floral motifs in shades of blue that look very beautiful. While on the floor tiles, you can choose with a rough texture for the user's comfort.

Bathroom with transparent glass seal

by : @gryapethak

For those of you who have a small bathroom, the inspiration of a modern minimalist bathroom with a room seal in the form of transparent glass can be a solution. The use of glass seals also makes the impression of a more spacious room. This glass seal divides between wet and dry areas, so it will certainly be more functional.

The bathroom looks more elegant with neutral shades

by : @micasa165

The application of touch of neutral colors always gives a more modern impression in the bathroom. The use of neutral colors also makes the bathroom look neater and cleaner. Apply white, gray, to wood brown color for a more cozy bathroom atmosphere.

Minimalist bathroom with beautiful use of curtains

by : @rumahbiasabiasasaja

The design of the last bathroom has a modern look and looks prettier. The use of curtains in the bathroom in addition to adding a sense pf privacy also makes the look more beautiful. this bathroom adds curtains in the shower box area with rose motifs that give the impression of the bathroom to be more beautiful.

Those are 7 Modern minimalist style bathrooms that you can use as inspiration. Which of the above bathroom designs is you favorite design? 

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