7 Luxurious Curtain Designs for Your Living Room


Homiful.com -- Window curtain without us realizing it has an important role in a house. In addition to protecting from sunlight that enters the room and providing the privacy you need, you can get creative by choosing a cock curtain to give a different touch to the interior of the living room.

There are various types of models and also types of living room curtains that you can chose according to your needs. Before deciding to choose a curtain suitable for the living room, let's first look at the recommendations of "7 Luxurious curtain designs for your living room" below:

Luxurious living room design with minimalist curtains

by : @hom_e2015

Beautiful and luxurious curtain models will certainly further beautify your living room. The design of this living room curtain looks simple with a hapless model. The curtains are also designed with a high model up to the ceiling to make the room look more spacious.

Gorgeous living room with white curtains

by : @ismiaw8

The living room window designed without curtains will look very ordinary and boring. In addition to protecting from sunlight, curtains serve as decorative elements to look more beautiful. This living room is designed minimalist with white dominance, so you can choose curtains with matching colors.

Bay window design with dark curtains

by : @libby.home

The living room with a classic western style house with bay window is beautifully designed with the addition of dark curtains. Because the bay window is semicircular, you can choose curtains that fit the shape of the window. The curtains are dark brown combined with sheer curtains for a more fun look.

Luxurious living room with gold curtains

by : @rinaros2110

Over time the curtains have more complex functions, such as adding a beautiful impression, to make the living room more luxurious. This gold curtains model is designed simple straight, just tie back curtain with a shiny fabric finish that makes the look even more glamorous.

Minimalist living room with a touch of cozy pink curtains

by : @rumah_mowwi

The following curtain models come with a plain look without a sweet pink shade. For a beautiful look, you can adjust the size of curtain to the size of the window, not too long or short. The sofa cover in the living room is also designed in harmony with the color the curtains.

Living room curtain model with elegant shades of gray

by : @sarahharizqy

There are several model of curtains that you can choose according to your needs. The inspiration for the living room s luxurious by applying curtains with shades of gray. The use of two-layered curtains also adds to the sense of privacy in the room.

Living room curtain model with elegant shades of gray

by : @shie_odhie

The inspiration for the last living room window curtain comes  with a stunning design with shades of yellow. The design is suitable for those of you who want a more cheerful atmosphere in the living room. The curtain model is designed simple straight without tassels.

That's 7 luxurious curtains designs for your living room that you can use as inspiration. Hopefully this article is useful and can be on the references for you.

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