7 Lovely L-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Tips You Can Use From Them

7 Lovely L-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Tips You Can Use From Them

Homiful.com -- When going to design a futuristic kitchen, setting the distance between the stove, sink to refrigerator needs to be thought about. Without knowing its usefulness, you must be lousy in arranging the kitchen with a concept that is original. To make the kitchen space so neat, efficient and hygienic for cooking. 

Letter L kitchen can make the perfect and functional look right. Ideally, an L size kitchen would make the kitchen space more flexible without making the kitchen space look narrowed. Here you can see 7 Lovely L-Shaped Kitchen Designs and Tips You Can Use From Them that can make kitchen activities so smooth and well centered.

Vertical storage


L-shaped kitchen are very efficient to make the most of the space. One of them is to use a front-end cabinet on the wall for a smart storage solution from the bottom to the kitchen ceiling. You also add storage in place on the backsplash area or wall with a sticky  shelf has magnetic strip to pair it.

Because this kitchen has windows, you can make kitchen cabinets that are on top of the skin to make the kitchen more functional. So that the windows can be placed in front of the stove so that the lighting and circulation of the room smoothly without a stuffy atmosphere.

Balance the kitchen L-shaped with the window space


A practical way you can apply when designing an L-shaped kitchen is to balance one side of the wall as a window space. One side of the other you can balance to cover the stove, cooker hood, and also kitchen cabinets. To create a window design into the kitchen space as this aims to provide fresh air, open impression and a wider kitchen space.

Maximize small kitchen space


The kitchenette needs to be designed with and ideal L-shape as it can concentrate all storage and appliances on both sides of the room, and leave the other free to open. So the whole kitchen will look bigger.

You can combine it with kitchen cabinets and drawers to store rice and supplies easily.

Make sure the kitchen remains friendly


Make the kitchen at home as the prefect functional for busy families. You can install kitchen cabinet with L-shaped to make the movement around the space more free, Be sure to make the most of both sides of the room, creating a spacious feel. Also think of an aesthetic kitchen design with contrasting colors for the lower cabinet cause kitchen room, so the first part is always in view.

Make use of kitchen colors and patterns


Don't be afraid to use darker colors and patterns in the kitchen room. Besides, it will give the impression of warm, tingling color, often works well in larger kitchens. You can use wood, stainless materials that look futuristic and elegant. Combine it with gray as it can show the sophisticated and elegant look of the kitchen.

Provide corner storage


You can make use of the corner of the kitchen room L-shape by installing an open shelf of wood material as storage. This way becomes a practical solution to make the kitchen more stylish, see from any side. Use the hiding lighting at the bottom of the cabinet to help make cooking easier.

Put the refrigerator in the kitchen, L-shape


In any kitchen design, the placement of the refrigerator should be in line with the work triangle design. Consider the placement of refrigerators, sinks and ovens. But if your kitchen is L-shape, the refrigerator is the best if placed at one end of the kitchen workbench. This way can help the kitchen work easier and not disturbed.

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