7 Living Room With Plants Ideas

7 Living Room With Plants Ideas

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants that are in the house with a small size tends to be very popular with many people. In addition to being a decoration of the room, ornamental plants even have benefits that can give air in the house. Besides, it is also interesting to fill the empty corners of the room.

Some articles mention if by putting high, you can change the look of the house into a tropical oasis. But you also can not origin to put ornamental plants carelessly. Pay attention to the need for light, watering it so that plants can thrive even in the house. If this time you are preparing to make the interior of the house fresher, this type of plant you can try to put it at home!

Areca palm


If you want a dramatic tropical look but don't have many bright spots at home, this palm plant could be the solution. Palm is one type of plant with low light can thrive in average humidity and prefer dry places. So the treatment is very easy. You can put in the living room with a fresh tropical concept like this.

Snake Plant


You are a busy woman who rarely takes care of the house but wants to provide natural freshness in the living room? Plants that grow thrive on this neglect you can have at this time. Stems and leaves that become one upright size has the name snake plant. At room temperature and low light levels, even though this plant can breathe with regular inertia in an excessive manner.

Golden Photos


This type of plant is perfect for beginners like you who are new to ornamental plants. Including plants with very easy maintenance, you can put it in the water with terrarium model. Not only as a display and fill the living room only, the design with a hanging model to make it more attractive. Moreover, with its easy maintenance, this plant also likes the very low light intensity of space.



Aglaonema plant is also commonly known as Chinese evergreen. The treatment is very easy. You can ignore it if you are in or for the yard. Leaves are green with gold pattern, this plant is very suitable as a freshness enhancer in the living room. Be sure to keep it moist. You need to water it when the soil is dry.

Boston Fern


Ferns are best known for being a plant that develop either without seeds of flowers that have spore. Although not flowering, this ornamental plant becomes a favorite type of plant that is widely placed in the house with a fresh green color with a variety of types. With its very easy care, this plant will thrive and produce beautifully choppy dangling leaves with single fin-shaped leaves.

ZZ Plants


If you are looking for plants with slim and low light characteristics, this ZZ plant could be the solution. Its low maintenance makes many people like this plant with a dry state. You don't have to water it too often, but you can adjust its moistness if it's dry.

This plant has shiny leaves and waxy looks make ZZ plant look striking decorations such as the corners of the living room in the house with minimal light.

Monstera Adansonii


For those of you who like Monstera plants, the choice of Monstera Adansonii as a living room decoration can be used. Different from other type of Monstera. This plant grow vines that have perforated leaves. You can make it a support to grow about 1-2 m. Because it likes moist air, this plant matches the indirect sunlight, such as its natural habitat that is in the wild and grows under the shade of trees.

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