7+ Living Room That Are Simply Gorgeous


Homiful.com -- The living room becomes the most important room that is inside a residence. Because of its location in front, so it has a important role in welcoming guests who come.

Therefore, the design of the living room should be designed as beautiful and cool as possible to get a good impression when guest come to visit. For small house, you can design a living room with a minimalist concept. To get a comfortable living room, you can pay attention to the selection of furniture and interiors. For a living room design idea that is simply gorgeous, let's check out the best inspiration below!

Living room design in Scandinavian style

by : @amrista_home

Minimalist living room inspiration with Scandinavian style present a simple style but still alluring. This living room is dominated by earth tone nuances that make atmosphere of the room feel more homey. For a more attractive look, you can use dried plant decorations in the corner of the room.

Minimalist living room design with vintage touch

by : @evita_laz

The inspiration of a living room with a touch of vintage style becomes one of the design choices that are timeless. Moreover, if you combine with more modern furniture, guaranteed your living room will appear more stand out. 

Living room design with beautiful decoration

by : @ika_herawati20

The design of the living room with greenery decoration can change the impression of the room to be cooler and more beautiful. You can choose the type of indoor plant such as Sansevieria, Peace Lily. Both of these plants are able to make the look of your living room more beautiful and aesthetic.

Fresh Minimalist living room with large windows

by : @rumah_aila

The presence of windows in the small living room is one solution to make room more spacious. In addition, the atmosphere of living room size 2x2 meters will certainly feel cooler, because the air circulation is running well.

Living room with open plan concept

by : @rumahmeifa

The following living room inspiration follow the concept of open plan that gives the impression of the room becomes more spacious. The selection of living room sofas with L-shape also makes it more functional and comfortable

Cozy little living room design

by : @rumahpiosagi

Not only a living room with a spacious room to provide maximum comfort. The design of this living room is small but still looks homey with the right use of furniture. Choose a medium-sized sofa, with a capacity of two seats, this will make your living room more cozy.

Minimalist living room with beautiful curtains

by : @sarahharizqy

The existence of curtains in the living room is not only used to block sunlight into the room, but also as a decoration for a more aesthetic look. Tips to make the appearance of the living room more harmonious, you can choose the color of curtains that align with the sofa like this.

Living room design with mirror decoration

by : @vivi_komendangi

In addition to maximizing the existing space a mini-sized living room can be used to make it look more spacious with the use of mirror decoration. The interior of the living room wall is beautifully designed with a mirror feature large enough to give the impression of a more spacious room.

From some of the best living room designs above, it can be concluded that simple things can provide comfort and perfection. Well, where is the design of the living room that is you favorite?

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