7 Living Room Plant Ideas that are Low Maintenance

Homiful.com -- The living room is a very suitable place to put indoor plants. Plants will provide fresh air in the room. Its beautiful shape also provides more dynamic and diverse visualizations. There are several plants suitable for the living room and very easy to maintain. What are those? Find out on 7 Living Room Plant Ideas that are Low Maintenance, below!

Ficus Lyrata / Fiddle-leaf fig


Ficus lyrata or fiddle-leaf fig is a perfect indoor plant. It has very large, violin-shaped leaves with heavily veined. The plant can grow quite tall, and it is so good to make a clear green statement in the living room. 

For the treatment, keep the soil evenly moist at all the tomes. Keep it in indirect sunlight, and avoid any direct sunlight that could even kill the plant.



Cacti are famous as an indoor plant that very easy to maintain. As a desert plant, cacti can survive if rarely watered. At least, water a cactus once in weak. Place the cacti in the special pot to make the plant more stand out in the living room. Put them in the corner of the living room to fill up the visual gap on the empty corner.

Vines and hanging plants


Other than put the plant in ordinary pots, consider choosing the type of vines as well as plants that are hung in the medium of pots. Choose a type of vine that is easy and low maintenance such as golden pothos, sting of pearls and peperomia pepperspot. Those plants can enliven the vertical space in the living room.

Rubber plant


Rubber plant also known as ficus elastica. Rubber plant has large and dense roots and spreads from the outside into the ground, so that it is able to stand upright. The rubber plant tolerates low light. It loves soil with a good amount of moisture. Keep the leaves clean, you can wipe them with a damp cloth.

Anthurium Crystallinum


Heart-shaped leaves with beautiful white leaf veins will surely make anyone stunned when they see this plant. This type of anthurium can grow tall even in a medium pot. This plant also prefer bright indirect light and high humidity. Don't forget to water it regularly.

Areca Palm

The areca palm is a type of plant that can filter the air from toxic particles. The plant has low maintenance treatment. It likes low light conditions, so it is perfect as a living room plant. Place it in place with indirect sunlight. Water the plan periodically. 


Asplenium can grow majestically like a flower crown in bloom. This plant has minimal care like other types of fern plants. It likes shady places with indirect sunlight, so this plant can grow well indoors. Asplenium will add a natural feel to your living room.

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