7 Ideas Stunning Green Bedroom

7 Ideas Stunning Green Bedroom

Homiful.com -- Whatever the design, the bedroom must have a design that draws on the characteristics of the owner who occupies it. With the right color selection, the bedroom can give a positive impression to the owner. If you like the design of the bedroom, there is one color that can be suggested for your bedroom in the house. With fresh green warrants, positive impressions and fresh feelings every day you can feel. What we design looks like, you can see the recommendations below!

Contrasting and warm pine green


Green color does not have to be with a bright color gradation for the design of the bedroom in the house. Try with a more contrasting and concentrated gradation, this pine green you can put for the wall of the room and one of the sleeping blankets. This thick pine green does not make the bedroom look dark. Because of the combination of minimalist interior and space, window placement makes the room more consistently visible detail.

Fresh min green sparkle


Without having to reduce the beauty of the bedroom, the selection of green interiors does not have to apply to all the details of the room, Just on one side of the bedroom wall with mint green, just your bedroom, so it's fresher with a soft nuance. You can add a heart-like combination with aesthetically pleasing and vintage wooden walls.

Comfortable sleeping with chartreuse green bed cover


As  a way to bring together stunning bedroom design, this minimalist concept with a little touch of chartreuse green color you can try. Although only for bed cover only, the green element in your bedroom is no less beautiful and striking because of the perfect floral motif as a complement to bedmates.

Pastel shades with pistachio green


Although there are many choices of striking and bright green colors. For those of you who like pastel colors, the idea of a bedroom with pistachio green color is can be the choice. Warm pastel touches and mixed between the interior concepts of the bedroom seem more visible detail. Add other decorations such as wall-art or homemade decorative art.

Fresh like basil leaves


Although it has the name green basil, it does not meat the bedroom with green color is made of natural basil leaves. But you can apply it for head bed only. Even for one side of the wall, the fresh impression is still felt and blended between the room's interior. So as not to monotonous, you can put some photo displays with your partner.

Olive soft


Lighting very need to be applied to small bedrooms. That way, you don't have to be forever by choosing a white interior. To make your bedroom different, this olive green color you can use for one side of the wall only. The impression of soft and smelly smell can be felt in this amazing bedroom.

Seafoam in summer


To make your summer feel cool like the beach, this green seafoam color you can choose. Not necessarily with complete details, you just have to apply it to blankets and sleeping pillows only. The  more complete it is if your window is wide open. That way, the fresh air will enter the room more freely.

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