7 Ideas Small Living Room

7 Ideas Small Living Room

Homiful.com -- The most important area of the house is the living room, the function is not just receive guests only. But for a place to gather, relax and watch movies with family. Then that requires the living room at home with a neat and comfortable condition. Fixed for those of you who have a small living room do not need to worry, these 7 Small Living Room Ideas can be a reference to rearrange the living room looks neat, beautiful and comfortable.

Choose multifunction furniture


to decorate a narrow living room, furniture is very important to fill the living room. Like a coffee table, you can choose with a slightly larger model and have a storage cabinet. In addition, there is sofa underneath which has a drawer for storage, which can be considerer in choosing narrow measured living room furniture.

Meticulously selecting the interior color of the small living room


In terms of interior, the living room is very influential limited atmosphere in the house. You can choose soft or pastel color such as pastel pink, peach, pastel green to purple pastel. Besides being able to give a spacious impression, the living room will be fresher and feel comfortable.

Use the mirror


One of the important things to make a small living room at home feel spacious is with a mirror. You can put one living room wall mirror to give the room more space, memorable and modern look.

Light game


To get a memorable little living room. Several ways can be done easily. You can set the living room lighting that becomes the focal point of the small space. Choose a transparent glass window that can reflect natural light into the room. If you don't want intense light, use sheer curtains that are transparent to get a slightly more faint natural light.

Place decorative accessories


Has a small and narrow living room should remain with an attractive look. You can place some accessories in the living room using a cushion or standing lamp in the corner of the room. To be more modern, you can use the interior of the cream nuances are warm and more trendy.

Give it an aesthetic touch of art


Focus the small living room in the house with homemade ingredients. You can also put one medium-sized painting with a floral theme or a cool and calm sea feel. Choose blue for a cool, natural little living room accent.

Ignore the use of sofas


If the size of the living room is narrow at home does not fit the sofa, you can change the concept of sitting down without a sofa. You can replace the sofa with a snuggler or guest chair that does not require a large space.

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