7 Ideas for Using Kitchen Backsplash Contrast

7 Ideas for Using Kitchen Backsplash Contrast

Homiful.com -- Kitchen backsplash is one of the areas that can make the kitchen look more stylish. Many choices of colors, materials to the unique possibilities you can display in the backsplash fun. And one way to make the kitchen area especially a beautiful backsplash is to cast a contrasting impression on the kitchen backsplash. 
You can check out some kitchen backsplash contrast options to make the design more stylish, with beautiful colors and stylish.

Natural materials


An easy way to get kitchen contrast in the backsplash section is to use natural ingredients. For example, you choose a type or marble that provides contrast because it has a darker vein that others. Or with a pair of brick that choose terracotta and natural colors. Your natural impression and rustic feel make the kitchen at home more contrast and rough texture of the material.

Exposed cement


Kitchen contras of this expose cement materials is left without finishing for industrial look. Wall shades for a small kitchen area like this will give a beautiful impression with the rough texture of the material. A light look with beautiful neutral visual you can try to apply to the concept of a kitchen that is beautiful and compete.

Hexagonal geometrics


Another, more conventional idea is to use backsplash that contrast hexagonal geometric models like this. Darker contrast of kitchen interior you can combine with gray and white color that becomes the center point of the kitchen. Add other decorations such as similar dimensions that look elegant with more abstract shades or from a high geometric.

Contrast neutral backsplash


Here you can create a backsplash look with a neutral impression and the same between the entire interior of the kitchen. Create matching white accents between the kitchen cabinets. Choose subway bevel material that you can combine with other more colorful ceramic motifs.
However, this white backsplash is intended to provide a slight difference between the darker gray bottom cabinets.

Accent color


To get a contrasting kitchen design on the backsplash, you can choose a bolder setting and a neutral interior. You can use exposed cement, cast concrete or ceramic motif granite and marble black color.

You can leave a place to create other accent that are more contrasting than some furniture, curtains and top counters. Overall design of the kitchen with matching colors get the kitchen decorations as the center of attention of the house.

Choose accents with bright colors for kitchen backsplash contrast


Make the kitchen contrast not necessarily with dark colors to make it look striking and different. This time you can also choose a minimalist white color on the backsplash with accents that show the size of the kitchen becomes more spacious. Choose a material ceramics that is easy to clean, so that the backsplash area appears fully charged adds beautiful visuals to it.

Mosaic accents for vintage design


Kitchen with a minimalist size like this you can design slick, interesting form the backsplash. Ceramics mosaic motifs you can make a choice when designing the kitchen. Mixed white gray color with geometric motif as long as floral gives kitchen accents so more beautiful. Match the kitchen interior with white color to make the kitchen look more cool to cook and gather.

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