7 Ideas for Front Porch Benches

Homiful.com -- Turn your porch into an outdoor relaxing space. Just put enough furniture as an outdoor seating in a small or large porch. The most popular seating for a porch is using a bench. A bench allows two or more persons to sit on a long seat. You can enjoy the outdoor scenery while sitting next to a loved one in a bench. That's why, it is important to pick the best front porch bench. So, you can enjoy and relaxing in the porch comfortably.

For more ideas, keep reading for 7 Ideas for Front Porch Benches.

1. Wooden Bench


The bench is typically made of wood or stone. But the most popular and most used is a wooden bench. The wooden bench is quite light and easy for you to move, if you want to get a new perspective while relaxing on the front porch. Place a wooden table as a place to put a cup of your favorite coffee.

2. Minimalist Iron Bench


In addition to wooden benches, iron benches are also a type of bench that is often chosen for outdoor seating. This is because iron materials are believed to be strong and resistant to weather changes. For a small front porch, you can choose a minimalist iron bench model with white finishing paint.

3. Wrought Iron Bench


Lots of variety of wrought iron benches. One of them is a wrought iron bench with beautiful iron carvings. This carving will give you a classic and aesthetic look on the front porch of your house.

4. A Set of Wooden Bench


Some of us maybe make use the front bench as a place to take care of the plants. The greenery on the front porch will look better with a set of wooden bench. You can choose a sturdy teak bench for your home's porch garden.

5. Short Bench without Backrest


Tired of the atmosphere in the house? Just take your work outside, precisely to the front porch area. For the convenience of working, you can choose a short bench without  a backrest. This bench is placed close to the wall as its backrest. For the best front porch view, pick a certain theme like Bohemian style as furniture theme.

6. A Bench and A Table


Many types of wooden benches. But for a better look, you can choose a wooden bench with glossy finishing. The appearance of the glossy bench will appear to be an interesting contrast, if your front porch is dominated by natural brown color, such as the front porch in the picture above.

7. A Rattan Bench with Padded Seat


Today's benches also come with comfort and attractive design. Rattan benches are equipped with a soft seat, so that sitting for a long time on the bench still feels comfortable. Complete with adorable shaped cushions that are almost identical to the shape of the leaves.

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