7 Great Landscaping Designs For Space Beside Of Your House

Homiful.com - Now, spacious area are the choice of many people. The spacious area is also good as great landscaping design. Utilize spacious area with filled, it will have different atmosphere than nothing fill in anything. You can make the spacious area for relaxing, gathering, sunbathing, workout, green area, etc. Here you can see for 7 Great Landscaping Designs For Space Beside Of Your House that make inspire for your house.

Plants Under the Stairs Space Beside Your House

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Around stairs beside house have space area that can you be used to making garden for flower, herbs, or vegetables. It has a straight path in centerpiece of around the stairs' area, the garden can make it around the walkway and under the stairs. With interior design that have bright color and wooden for stairs and walkway, make this space beside your house look beautiful and fresh.

Space Beside Your Home for Relaxing and Sunbathing Area

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Beside living room, have outdoor space area? You can use it to make for garden or sunbathing area. Make with transparent roof that have glass material, you have free time to make activity in this space beside of your living room. Use grass synthesis and put bonsai or plants, make the area have fresh atmosphere. Then put natural stone between space area and living room to make it beautiful look.

Make Natural Stone Fish Pond in Space Beside the House

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The next for landscaping design for space beside your house are you can make  fishpond that have natural stone materials. With dark gray for coloring this fishpond, make the space beside your house have natural ambience. You can decorate it with your creativity to make beautiful look in this area. 

Garden and Mini Fish Pond in a Space Beside the House

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Have spacious area in front of your house make you can change it with make garden and mini fishpond. You can put potted plants in this area. With make rack to place the plants, make your space area have beauty look and clean. You can make adding patch rack that have function to placed your plants if you have more plants in potted. Then, fishpond can add between your mini garden to make this area have fresh air.

Vines Fill Space Area Beside Home

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Space area beside your house that have you pass by a lot, can change it with make great landscaping. Make vines beside the wall, or you can make add buffer from stainless or steel to use it for vines place. Then, put natural stone in the path to make the ambience feel fresh and natural. This is make you have good mood to stay in this area and take some photo to upload for Instagram.

Fill Space Beside House with Mini Garden and Hanging Plants

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Any space beside balcony can make it for mini green house. Put natural stone between path for the floor, so that make it beautiful and clean area. You can make a nice set-up for plants. Use a rack, long potted or hanging pot to place the plants. With wooden material in wall, you can put the potted plants to affixed in this wall. Look! You'll have a beautiful mini green house in this space area.

Make Outdoor Relaxing for Space Beside Your House

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Landscaping design for space beside of your house are make it like outdoor bar area or outdoor relaxing area. Place a bench with cushion sofa and table in this area to seating. You can give it with pergola for roof to this space beside of your house that make you have shade your seating activity. You can use this area for gathering, barbecue party, or meeting. 


There are 7 Great Landscaping Designs For Space Beside Of Your House that make you inspire and applicant it to your house. See you, and have a nice day!

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