7 Great Backyard Hammock Oasis Ideas

Homiful.com - Welcoming the summer holidays is not complete without doing 'me time'. You can have lazy day in summer at your home and have your time to DIY your craft.  You have a perfect time to make your creative hammock and placed at backyard to set up.  Equipped with a glass of lemon ice and some desserts or fruits, and you will have a great day for this summer. So, what are you waiting for? Let's check it out 7 Great Backyard Hammock Oasis Ideas that can you apply to your backyard!

Backyard Hammock Oasis with Tumbler Lamp

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Hammock that have white color make this is contrast around backyard. With triangular arbor that are supporting the hammock oasis, this hammock has strong buffer to be occupied. You can add tumbler lamp on this hammock to make beautiful look. And voilĂ , you can enjoyed the lazy day in summer.

Two Hammocks in Backyard that Have Buffer from Wood

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Build three buffers from wood, and then attach the hammock strap to this buffer. The hammock that you attach can make by yourself, or you can buy from a shop. You can get the buffer with decoration or gives hanging plant to make beauty and fresh atmosphere in this area. If you have finished for the set-up, you can enjoy the day with this great hammock oasis.

Dream Hammock Oasis Under Sky and Look for Stars

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Enjoy your evening at home not only with have sitting in the backyard with make fire pit. You can build the hammock at backyard to enjoy the sky and stars in the evening till night. You just need to attached the hammock strap at trees, or you can build the buffer.  Don't forget about the hammock fabric, you can choose a thick fabric to avoid off cold at the night. And yes, you have enjoyed the hammock under sky to look stars for the summer. 

Elegant Hammocks Oasis that Looks Simple and Warm

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You can make backyard hammock with chair and sofa model that build with hanging in Pergola roof. You can add pillow in this sofa hammock oasis to make this place stay cozy. This backyard hammock can be decorated with tumbler lamp on top of roof or of the side make curtain.

Hammocks Oasis at Backyard Near the Garden

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Build hammock at the backyard and near the garden, it have beautiful look and make this backyard cheerful. Choose a type of buffer that easy to move, this hammock oasis have flexible for place and another place. You can use the bright colors for hammock oasis that make similar with the garden that have colorful flower. 

Great Backyard Hammock Oasis with Fabric Cover

By : Instagram/melissatyefisher

The shape of hammock buffer is like a half of ball, it makes this hammock oasis look unique and beautiful. And this buffer in hammock very flexible because easy to move. You can add fabric cover on top of hammock if you not like fond of scorching sunlight in summer. Have this unique hammock buffer, make you have to take some photo in summer to upload in your Instagram.

Simple Hammock Oasis in Corner of Backyard

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The last of great backyard hammock oasis ideas are make hammock at your backyard corner. You can attach your hammock at a fence that you have in your backyard. Choose bright color to have colorful atmosphere in this backyard. You just enjoyed your lazy day in this summer in your backyard.

There are 7 Great Backyard Hammock Oasis Ideas that can you applicant at your home. Have a nice day and enjoy your summer holiday.

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