7 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas with Rocks

Homiful.com -- A landscaping is incomplete without adequate natural elements. Other than soil and plants, a landscape will look gorgeous by adding rocks into it. You can spread  rocks with eye-catching arrangement. 

Rocks is one of the most popular nature elements for a landscaping design. Even some rocks are quite affordable and easy to get, for example the pea gravel, pebbles and river rocks. The rocks will complete the look of your landscape area. If you need some inspirations to create a great landscaping with rocks, let's check out the following review of 7 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas with Rocks.

Rock river landscaping idea


This rock river will a unique idea for your landscape garden. You don't need a 'real' water on it. Create miniature water flowing like a real river water with these rocks. Paint some pebbles in blue color, then arrange it in a certain way to give a dynamic look. The spilled pot on top of the rock river look shimmering with a bit of blue shade on it.

Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas with Rocks and Water Feature


Consider a water feature with vertical garden will make the landscape look gorgeous than before. You can choose various types of rocks. The garden pond can be decorated with large river stones. The water feature with large stones create a more natural and cool vibe to the landscape. You can spread the white river pebbles under the footpath to fill spaces between stone pavers.

A Cozy Landscaping with Pea Gravel


Pea gravel is one of the cheapest landscape rocks. The pea gravel is very versatile. You can cover the open ground with pea gravel for a more natural look. Just place a set of chairs and table with parasol, so you can enjoy the fresh air on this garden.

Arrange the rocks perfectly


Use the rocks to create shape into your garden landscaping. You can spread the rocks in a certain way to make the garden look dynamic. The center of the garden can be placed a garden light with plants and rocks underneath. When night falls, the garden lights and white rocks will make the garden stand out at night.

Fill the gap between the pathways


Fill the space between the stone pavers with coral stones. It makes a good transition between the pathways and greenery in the garden. This type of rock is very lightweight that makes it easy for you to spread on the gap between the pathways.

Have a Zen Garden Landscaping Idea with Rocks


Other than greenery, arrange the rocks into the garden can create some peace of mind, if you arrange it perfectly. You can adapt or copy this kind of zen garden landscaping to your home. This zen garden uses a variety of rocks that beautifully arranged.

Fresh Landscaping Ideas with Rocks


Rocks in the garden landscaping make the garden won't look to monotone. Imagine, just having the garden plants with the green grass. The green things without the diversity of natural elements will look mediocre. Beautify the garden by spreading the rock rivers to the ground.

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