7 Gorgeous Examples of Outdoor Seating for Summer

Homiful.com  -- Sunshine, ice cream, fresh air and chill-time. Those are maybe the reason why we love summer. Enjoy your summer paradise by providing comfy outdoor seating in your yard, patio or balcony. No need an expensive or complicated outdoor seating design, just a simple seating is enough to make you have the best summer while chilling in the outdoor space. 

Here are our 7 gorgeous examples of outdoor seating for summer.

Simple garden outdoor seating


In this situation, the best place to enjoy summer is in the garden. Bring a pair of chairs that is quite simple but comfortable. This outdoor seating design has a backrest that can follow your posture. So, you can sit comfortably while enjoying the summer air in the garden.

Spacious outdoor space with leather sofa


Summer is the chance to relax. Build a mini patio to relax there. The patio is equipped with metal canopy to minimize the sun heat. A set of leather sofa is placed as outdoor seating. This sofa has padded cushions that can make you sit back for a long time in the outdoor space. But, it's better to choose a sofa in a color other than black, so it won't absorb heat.

A welcoming pool


Summer is the best time to swim in the pool. You can wash away to summer heat and your sweat too by swimming. Having a pool lounge also bring many advantages. You can hold a summer party or barbecues along the pool. Just set of stackable plastic chair for outdoor seating is enough to make you enjoy summer.

A Rustic-style outdoor seating


The rustic-style above adapts traditional home of Javanese people. Its distinctive feature is the use of wood elements and exposed brick. Place a set of wood chairs in the patio, so you can summer together with your family member.

Bring a folding chair to enjoy the sun heat


Summer is also the best time to sunbathe or get tanned. On the outdoor space, you can bring a folder chair, then bask in the sun. Place a round pillow to make you sit comfortably to get vitamin D from the morning sun.


Simple picnic with minimalist outdoor seating


One of the best ways to enjoy summer with your family member is doing a picnic. No need to go far from home, set the picnic location at home. The yard can be use as an outdoor seating as the picnic location. Just place a set of chairs and bring the summer drinks there.

Cozy outdoor seating ideas


Summer heat may be make you want to have casual chat with your friend in the outdoor space. The empty corner of your yard can be turned into a cool outdoor seating. A set of bench with the greenery and dim lighting will make you have fun chat outdoors.

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