7 Economical Kitchen Designs

Homiful.com -- Want to update or remodeling your kitchen? Maybe some ideas and kitchen pictures that we would like to present is perfect for you. You don't have to  spend a fortune to give your kitchen a new look. Just pay attention to the small but important things to make a fresh new kitchen. 

So, if you're looking for budget kitchen ideas, here 7 Economical Kitchen Designs.

Kitchen design with adequate natural lighting


Take a look around the kitchen, are there adequate windows in the kitchen? If you don't have one, make sure to install a window in the kitchen. Even the small kitchen is enough to provide fresh air and natural lighting in the kitchen. The more your kitchen is naturally bright, the less electricity cost will be. You can choose a sliding window that is space-saving.

Kitchen design without cabinet


Remodeling your kitchen space without cabinet is good idea to make the kitchen more spacious and airy. Besides that, a kitchen design without cabinet is also on budget idea. Because you don't need to buy  closed cabinets. Just use the bottom of the countertop and the wall as storage. You can neatly arrange some stacking racks under the countertop, and build a floating shelf to place the spices and kitchen decorations.

Attractive corner kitchen design


Having a small or minimalist kitchen is one way to have an economical kitchen design. Make it perfect by designing a kitchen with attractive look. You can pick a kitchen furniture that cheap, but a have chic look. If your kitchen is in the corner of the room, choose an L-shaped kitchen layout that occupies the corner perfectly. So, no empty corner is wasted.

Minimalist kitchen design with long prep-table


Minimalist kitchen design is fun. You have to think about how the kitchen stays functional without neglecting the visuals. You can try L-shaped kitchen design like this. The long table model is functioned as a mini bar table as well as a wide cooking preparation table. This table can also be used as a partition separating the kitchen with an open-plan living area.

Kitchen design with floating shelves


Floating shelves can be an option to replace the upper cabinet. It will make the kitchen more spacious and cost-effective. The floating shelves can be used as a place to put the spices and cutlery, so it keep in order. Just make sure to put up this floating shelf firmly, so the shelf does not easily collapse.

Economical kitchen design in terms of layout


You can have a kitchen as well as a dining room, laundry room as well as a fresh garden in the same area. Yes, you can choose an open plan design that can realize the idea of uniting the kitchen with other spaces.

Kitchen design is made minimalist with one wall model. In the kitchen area is also placed a minimalist table as a barrier to kitchen with other space. This table is equipped with several storage bases to make it more functional.


Kitchen design with economical decor


Putting decorations is a quick and effective way to turn the look of the kitchen into a fresh and new kitchen. If you're on a budget, you can choose cheap and affordable kitchen furniture. For example, using a unique round basket can give your kitchen a rustic feel. This kind of decoration is easy to get in an affordable price.

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