7 Easy Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Winter Months

Homiful.com -- In some part of the world, winter is already coming. The cold and chilly air, snowy road make being outside so horrible. Instead, being in a room with a thick blanket, a glass of hot drink while watching your favorite Netflix show can be a really fun activity in winter. 

Welcome winter months with a comfortable and warm bedroom. You can use your collection of winter decor ideas to make the bedroom feel warm and cozy.  Here are few of  7 Easy Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Winter Months.


 Transform your bedding from summer to winter


In summer, you need slight and thin bedding. Instead, in winter you will need  a thick bedding to warm your whole body.  Switching up your bedding will have more impact, visually and functionally. You can choose soft flannel bedsheet to create a warmer bed.

Pile up your bed with a thick, fluffy comforter


The winter breeze is so cold that it will make you want to stay in bed. In winter, bedding certainly won't be enough to warm you up. Give a big, fluffy  and comforter to warm your sleep in winter.


Natural elements for winter


Natural elements such as wood, cotton and hemp in winter will add comfort and cozy vibe at home. Thick knit blankets, bolster pillows, and many throws add warmth and shade to the room in cold weather. 

Enrich the room decor by layering a knitted cotton blanket over your linen bedding, or keep a blanket in the basket next to the bed, so you can easily use it when watching favorite TV show or reading your book. 

Warm Earthy Tone


In cold weather, the earthy tone color such as brown and terracotta are lately becomes trend. You can apply these colors with a small touch, such as on the pillows, blankets, or pots for houseplants. These colors would give a warm and comfy feeling to the room.

Add a warm and large rug


In winter, the floor of the room becomes cold. Don't let your feet get frostbite because of the cold of the floor. Add a large and warm rug area on the floor. It's the best, if you choose a large and wide one that can cover the whole floor. That way, you'll always feel warm when you feet step.

Make a cozy atmosphere with lighting


Lighting makes such a huge visual impact to the room. Get ready for winter by adding some low, dim lighting to the bedroom space. You can put string light on the sides of the bedroom. Add aromatherapy wax with earthy aromas such as myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood that suitable for winter vibe.

Minimal doesn't mean cold and boring


Bedrooms that fit in winter don't have to be over-decorated. You don't have to make a bedroom full of piles of blankets, pillows and throws. Just adjust it to your needs, even if you already feel warm enough with a minimalist soft furnishing, then it's okay to present a minimalist room for winter.

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