7 Bedroom Designs For The Little Ones


Homiful.com -- Having a child makes parents more extra and prepares their needs. One of them is a bedroom that you can design according to your child favorite theme. Well, you can start by discussing with the child to determine what he likes, then you can make the idea for a comfortable children's room design.

There are various design of children's bedrooms that you can choose according to your needs. To help you, let's first check out "7 bedroom designs for the little ones" below!

Children's bedroom in red


Red color is identical to the color that is able to increase energy and spirit in children. So it has the potential to make the child more focused. You can design the on one side of the wall, and add star sticker for a more aesthetic look.

Children's bedroom design with canopy bed


The concept of children's room is identical to the use of single bed to make children more comfortable. You can also tidy up the arrangement with decorating application for a more beautiful look. Including the use of this canopy bed that is designed with a touch of wood and gives a homey feel in the room.

Children's bedroom design with a touch of cool blue


When designing a boy's bedroom, the first thing that occurred to me was the blue color. There are many advantages to this soothing touch of color. Among them creates a cooler atmosphere in the room. Well to make the room more cheerful you can combine it with colorful decorations.

Comfortable boys bedroom design


The next recommendation of boys room deign is with tosca color shades. Tosca's color is a color that resembles blue, so it has a very calming nature. This has a good impact on the quality of children's sleep and will certainly be more comfortable.

Girl's bedroom fairy tale princess theme


Every girl must have dreamed of becoming a princess. Well, you can make it happen through a palace-style bedroom design in pink like this. There are many activities that children can do from sleeping, learning, to playing. So you can complete the design of the children's room with a fun play area.

Boys room design with football theme


Inspiring boys' bedroom designs with football themes is the best idea you can implement. Boy's bedroom tend to less used in decoration. Now you can display posters of football players, to the logo of your favorite club for a more attractive room look.

Children's bedroom design with built-in furniture


One way to get around the size of  a small child bedroom. You can use specially ordered built-in furniture to help save space. This bed is designed to blend with the open shelf in the headboard and also a closet that will certainly maximize the available storage space.

That's 7 bedroom designs for the little ones that can make children more cheerful. Of the above designs, which one is you favorite design?

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