7 Bathroom Tile Ideas for Your Home

Homiful.com -- Comfort and safety in the bathroom depend on the selection of the bathroom tile. Many kinds of motifs and design of bathroom tiles. However, not all of them are suitable as bathroom floor and wall bathroom materials. Choosing the wrong type of bathroom floor tile can make us easily slip and fall in the bathroom. Just make sure you choose the best bathroom tile that is safety and look stylish. So, the bathroom will look good and safe for all occupants of the house.

We present a review of 7 bathroom tile ideas for your home. Keep scrolling to find what's best of bathroom tile for your home!

1. Bathroom Floor Tiles with Stones Visual


The choice of unique bathroom tile floor with river stones visualization will keep the bathroom look interesting. You don't need to bring a real river stone to the bathroom to have a fresh and natural atmosphere. This kind of tile is also good enough to provide natural ambience to the bathroom. It also makes the bathroom feel so dynamic.

2. Glass Tile for The Wall


Glass tile is one of the best option for bathroom floor and wall tile. It has gorgeous look, because somehow it also looks shines. The mosaic glass tile that attached to the wall is a perfect choice for accenting the bathroom. When you properly install the glass tile as the floor tile, it can resist slip.

3. Quarry Tiles for Bathroom Floor


Quarry tile is very suitable for high-moisture environment, like a bathroom. It has slightly rough texture and often left unglazed. The quarry tile provides better slip resistance than other hard surface tile.

4. Hexagonal Tile for Stylish Bathroom


Hexagonal tile floor has a textured surface, so it becomes one of the tiles that is anti-slippery and easy to clean. The design also look contemporary. By choosing dark-colored tiles and covering the entire floor, it gives a unique monochromatic feel in this bathroom. Not only safe, the hexagonal tile will make your bathroom look very stylish.

5. Textures Mosaic Ceramics


Mosaic ceramics with natural stone motifs tend to be easily dry and have a rough texture, thus making your bathroom floor nor slippery. This ceramic will also make the bathroom look fresher. You can add plant decorations in the corner of the bathroom space so that the bathroom feels  so cool and pleasant to look at.

6. Natural Brown Tile for The White Bathroom


If you choose white ceramics as the wall of bathroom, then considering choosing  a floor tile in other colors. You can choose a tile floor that has a natural brown surface that gives a classic and natural impression to the bathroom. The tile model is also fairly quick to dry when it is wet with water, so you don't have to worry when you step in the floor. The gap between the footstep in the shower area is also filled with stones to make it appear more fresh.

7. Pink Tile for Sweet Bathroom Look


You can choose a flooring tile in triangle pattern, like the one above. The blush pink color is chosen to make the bathroom look soft and adorable. The pink tile work well with white furniture in the bathroom. The bathroom is designing with large skylight roof, so the natural light will maximally brighten up the bathroom, and makes the floor tile dry quickly.

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