7 Balcony Design Area to Relax Ideas

7 Balcony Design Area to Relax Ideas

Homiful.com -- Got a balcony in a neglected house? Well, if you are one of the people who often do activities at home, of course changing the balcony for a comfortable relaxing place needs to be done. Besides being suitable for a place to relax, the balcony becomes a comfortable place to work at home or WFH to avoid to occurrence of COVID-19 that is growing. The balcony will provide a relieved air circulation, fresher views and wider eye view. See what the design of the balcony of the house is suitable for relaxing at home, below!

Use the concept of a dry garden on the balcony


Move it as an ornamental plant to your balcony. Like the design of this dry garden concept balcony, you can look neat with a land cover of vintage bricks and look natural. The presence of plants will make your relaxing atmosphere more refreshed. Then add with a lounge chair that completer the balcony area of the house, so it is more beautiful.

Gorgeous minimalist balcony all-in white


Minimalist balcony condo at home all-in white theme is petrified the impression of spacious created in real. Moreover, the modern glass barrier makes natural lighting directly towards the balcony. For more privacy, you can put down the curtains to give you a sense of comfort when relaxing. This all-in white theme can be combined with a natural and simpler rattan chair.

Scandinavian style balcony


Simple and functional, this is what is created from the design of the balcony for your home. With a minimalist Scandinavian model, the use of one sofa with comfortable cushions is very helpful for you to relax comfortably, to make it more attractive and rattan basket as an aesthetic decoration that makes the mind to dizzy.

Balcony with patio model


If the concept if patio usually has a large sofa with the shape of letter L that fits a lot of people. This time you can also move the patio concept to the balcony of the house. Complete the balcony with a long sofa L shape, a wide view free of the balcony area like this you can make a place to gather with family and relatives.

Minimalist balcony design monochrome theme


Monochrome color touch on the balcony of this house is very comfortable to relax. You can complete the balcony with letter L sofa along with attractive cushions to beautiful ornamental plants. Show a beautiful balcony design, add one table to put some snacks.

Mediterranean that s a favorite


Mediterranean style balcony design is no limit. The design is attractive, and the mixed decoration makes this balcony as an interesting characteristic. Place one chair of chairlift for a more pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. To be romantic at night, add a memorable dimly colored outdoor light for dinner with your partner.

Minimalist balcony with chairlift


You can change the patio area with any decoration and arrangement. Place some furniture, you can make a beautiful concept with a chairlift that is rarely used. Change the balcony decorations with houseplants that help refresh the area.

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