7 Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas

Homiful.com - Gathered around a fire pit that can be the centerpiece in your backyard is very pleasant. Have barbecue time, roast marshmallow, drink together, sing a song and dance around fire pit make you have a good day. Here are some ideas about 7 Backyard Fire Pit Design for your backyard landscape to have wonderful and pleasant memories. Let's check it out!

Simple Fire Pit Design at Backyard Corner

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If your backyard look spacious and empty, you can make fire pit in this area. You can make in corner of backyard to have look beautiful. Fence coated with fabric and have straw accent. Adding long bench to sit, give white color to have clean look. You can build fire pit on coated soil by gravel that have white color. Fire pit can be made by scrap iron and put in the center of gravel. 

Build Fire Pit From Natural Stone at Backyard

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The next fire pit design ideas can make with natural stone and have circular arrange. This fire pit design look simple with bricks accent and tree trunk pieces look on its side. The design has natural nuance and match with the backyard. You can add single seat around a fire pit to have enjoyed the day.

Square Box Fire Pit Ideas at Backyard

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Have square box shape, this fire pit design make with cast cement that put at the backyard. Using dark gray, the fire pit have elegant and fancy accent for your backyard.  Put the fire pit on soil,  these designs have felt more for natural accent and look suitable for winter. Equipped with single seat that have dark gray for the color make this fire pit look have match. 

Bowl Fire Pit Design on Small Stone

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This fire pit design can apply at your backyard. Have bowl design, this fire pit can put on the centerpiece of natural gravel that become a floor mat. The set-up look beautiful and unique. Equipped with lounge chairs, you can have relaxed in this backyard in night. And you can waste your time to enjoy drink with family or friends at night.

Fire Pit Surrounded by Piles of Slab Stones

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To complete the natural feel at your backyard, you can make the fire pit design from stone slab arrangement. The design of stone slab make circular and build above ground. Adding the single seat for sitting and voilĂ  you have enjoyed your day with this fire pit design. You can invite your crush to your backyard to have a date and enjoy the day.

Basket Tub Fire Pit Design Ideas

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If you have outdoor bar in your backyard, you can equip with fire pit to have more lively atmosphere and have beauty look.  Using basket tub for fire pit design, make you have benefit like simple to move and affordable to have enjoyed at your backyard. Adding single seat from wooden make match with outdoor bar theme. 

Steel Fire Pit Design Ideas

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The last fire pit design ideas are backyard fire pit design make from steel. Have frying pan shape and give buffer of the side, make this fire pit design have beauty and simple looking. Surrounded by chair that have make from pile of wood and give padded pads on the chair, make you have enjoyed your day to gathering and waste day.

There are 7 Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas that you can apply and make enjoy your day. 

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