6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter

Homiful.com -- To make the house look spacious is quite easy the way it is done. You can design a small design and change it with a larger look. Instead of busy having a way, you can star by limited the use of furniture, putting some decorations as necessary only. Certainly, to make the house look spacious does not have to focus on the interior alone. Try thinking about starting from the terrace or new facade to the indoor area if the house, Well 7 ways to make your home feel bigger and brighter you can make recommendations.

The facade of the house

Looks small size of this house has one floor with a strong concrete roof. Minimalist exterior white color with a combination of black iron fence covers the house with a sense of privacy. You can try semi-industrialist house design for a grander and more memorable look. Without the need for a lot of decoration on the facade, you can feel how wide the front yard can be applied to the garden and children's play area.

 Smart storage

The look of the room with concept of open plan can give a spacious impression to the room. Minimalist interior white color is mixed the pick of the one sofa that is quite far between custom shelves thoroughly to the corner of the room. You can maximize this space without any sealing so that the impression of spacious and comfortable is felt to be maximum.

Smart concept of semi-open space

Not so mythical anymore, a small space will look big if there is an open area inside. This time, the design can solve the problem of small-looking space for a wide an open impression. The upper area can be maximized by diversion of the concrete roof using a transparent glass roof. Give freedom without partition and make the interior of this house feel more radiant and fun.

Coat the light of the room

Believed to make the interior feel spacious, you can incorporate natural light into the room by turning the room by turning the roof of concrete plates into a transparent glass canopy. Not only suitable for one room, the whole room such as living room, kitchen to TV room can be like this. Although with a layer of glass, you can still see the ceiling with floor lights at a certain light height.

Present void area for air conditioning

Make a garden around the house for a beautiful minimalist residential concept like this is quite easy to do. You only prepare one plot of land without material and leave it to place the plants. A wide and luminous impression will spread throughout the room due to the void are at the top. Make this as a comfortable place, you can relax enjoying coffee or heat tea in the morning.

Keep the furniture low

Currently, you can design a kitchen with new furniture that stays low. You can show a design that has a lot of storage space without any different comparisons with even large size furniture. Use an eco-friendly island kitchen set with natural wood materials. Provide open space and create cabinets that blend walls, such as built-in storage for refrigerators.

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